Cookie Lee Gift Giving Guide

Now that it is post turkey day, it is the appropriate time to hear those Christmas tunes ringing in our ears and the immediate pressure to buy gifts on time…..


Style Intersects Philanthropy with Accessories from MBARQGO

The Los Angeles based MBARQGO, known for its handcrafted handbags that speak to the adventurous spirit, has adjusted its sails and headed towards a new horizon, Haiti. In what is…..


Watch New York Fashion week F/W 2015 Feb 12-19 live

New York Fashion week F/W 2015 Feb 12-19 in NYC and according to a study by the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee, New York Fashion Week brings in almost $900 million…..


Satya Jewelry Launches Fine Collection

Satya Jewelry Launches Fine Collection  Satya Jewelry has paved its way in the jewelry industry with thoughtful and inspirational pieces that create a conversation not only based on their design,…..


CUT IT OUT!: A Call For Action with a Cutting Edge

CUT IT OUT!: A Call For Action with a Cutting Edge By H.M. Shaw Does this make you uncomfortable? A little bit jarred? A lot a bit red hot? Pissed?…..


petiteSHOP at The Foundling: A Children’s Charity Pop-up

The New York Foundling and petitePARADE Curate Top Designers, Workshops and More to Support NYC Children and Families for May National Foster Care Month. April 21, 2015 (NEW YORK, NY)…..


Soul Boys of the Western World

    Susanne Bartsch Invites you to celebrate the film premiere of SOUL BOYS of the WESTERN WORLD With special guests SPANDAU BALLET hosted by Gerry Visco WEDNESDAY APRIL 29th…..


Good for Good 6th Annual Gala for Good:

Good for Good 6th Annual Gala for good raises $700,000 to help vulnerable children in Malawi!              Goods for Good, a nonprofit using micro-enterprising to…..

Ellen DeGeneres Launches EDbyellen.com

Ellen DeGeneres just launched a new lifestyle collection called EDbyellen.com. The talk show host/comedian announced this week EDbyEllen.com which  is her nickname given to her  from her wife Portia de…..

2015 Miss Universe, Paulinea Vega named People Espanol

Miss Universe 2015, Paulina Vega, who was named People Espanol magazine’s most beautiful Latinas, also became the face of Falabella, South America’s largest chain of retail department stores. Her first photo shoot as Miss Universe was styled by…..

Interview with Sum Company eyewear

Lifestyle brands goes beyond just branding building  it is more about Life as a  experience, consumers today are looking for distinction in brand experiences that are bigger, better and bolder…..

Interview with Amplify Apparel

Upcycling got its start in the 1990’s and in recent news many fashion designers are taking the idea and solidifying its use in pop culture. Many brands in the field…..


Technology is definitely changing the landscape of fashion much fashion currently is being driven by advancements in technology.  There’s a multitude of emerging and innovative designers and brands on the…..

Fat2015: Interview with Starkers Corset

Local production has been in the spotlight of many political agendas both at the national and the regional level, many designer sand brands are exploring opportunities and increasing interests in…..

Asian Flare:

Traditional Han Chinese Clothing ( Han Fu ) refers to the attire worn by the Han people from the enthronement of the Yellow Emperor (about 2698 BC) till the late…..

Out of Print Clothing – Full Figure t-shirts

Out of Print Clothing: the literary-lifestyle t-shirt with an immense celebrity following and a great one-for-one charitable angle that supports reading and education through Books for Africa.     Product…..

Oliberte: New Gear/Father’s Day

With Father’s Day right around the corner, we wanted to share some great new products from Fair Trade Certified and sustainable brand, Oliberté. They recently launched some new gear product…..

The Perfect Summer Collaboration

As summer is officially here, we wanted to follow up on the perfect summer collaboration.  Three young native LA entrepreneurs, Emily and Julianne from Emi Jay and the entrepreneur behind popular Frankie’s Bikinis have…..

Pearl Jam Jewelry Trend

Pearl earrings are amping up their game these days and making one thing clear: They’re not just for little old ladies and stuffy socialites anymore. No, these gems of the…..

Celebrate Her Collection

Strong Women May we know them, May we raise them, May we be them Each of these stones and charms were individually picked to represent and capture what I believe…..

Summer and Fall Hats and Hair Adornments:

Summer and Fall hats and hair adornments are trending. Amy Taylor and Desigual styled their collections with hair necklaces, and floral headbands. Anna Sui, Betsy Johnson, and House of Sadia…..

Top Men’s fashion week trends 2016

London , Paris and Milan Men’s fashion weeks Spring/Summer 2016 looks hit the runway and presented some of the top men’s fashion trends to look for in 2016. Here is…..

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