London CFE new pioneers recipients 2014

London is home to some of the top fashion talent in the world and London’s Centre for Fashion Enterprise, a fashion business incubator is helping to build the next generation…..

BFC fashion fund winners 2014

Founded in 2011 the BFC (British fashion council) fashion trust offers mentoring and financial support to British designers. Some of the members include Felicia Brocklebank, Leon Max, Megha Mittal, Natalie…..

Valentino moves couture show to Rome

Many designers are breaking the routine of how they show thier collections. Valentino aka Valentino red the Italian  fashion designer and founder of the Valentino SpA brand and company known…..

Mapic Awards 2014

Mapic Awards Created in 1996, its a competition that rewards excellence, innovation and creativity in the retail real estate industry. For the 19th year running, the MAPIC Awards will recognise…..

Setting the Record Straight with Ralph Rucci

Phillip D. Johnson Cover Image provided by Bauer and Dean Publishing Event Images photographed by the Author Runway Images of the Chado Ralph Rucci Spring/Summer Collection provided the Designer In…..

Triumph’s Innovation of The Year…

Magic Wire: Wearing is believing! Is your bra wire digging into your skin, causing discomfort, redness, and constant fiddling? Than your wearing the wrong bra! Triumph stands up for fit…..

Alon Livné: Fall/Winter 2014

Following the release of 2012′s “The Artist,” to say that there have been a few homages to the 1920′s in the fashion world is a gross understatement. Consider the occasional…..

Harvey Faircloth Harvey Faircloth Resort 2015 IRIE /ˈīrē/ Origin: Jamaican patois Slang word used to describe a variety of conditions such as good, great, powerful, peaceful, excellent, highest,…..

Savage Millinery – Vintage with an edge

Julie B. Schworm Savage Millinery Vintage with an edge Julie B. Schworm, milliner, costume designer, painter and sculptor, launched Savage Millinery in December of 2012. Less than a year after…..

Top 8 Bob cuts 2015

The bob cut was popularized by film stars Colleen Moore and Louise Brooks in the early 1920s, by the mid-1920s the style was the dominant female hairstyle in the Western…..

The Chunky Side Braid

For more information on Mixed Chicks and to request product samples and press materials, contact: FYI Brand Communications | 212 586 2240 Michaela Foti | Melissa Charles |

Men’s Trends: Coats

Biker: Bomber: Car Coat: Down: Duffle Coat: Field Jacket: Gilet: Harrington: Hooded: Letterman: Over Coat: Parka: Pea Coat: Quilted:   Rain Coat: Short Coat: Trench:   Waxed: Wind Breaker:

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