New Single from Matisyahu

Exclusively on, Rapper Matisyahu Releases New Single from 6th studio album.

Matisyahu released a new single today, Step Out Into the Light, from his sixth studio LP, Bound, which is set to be released this spring. The nearly-eight-minute track boasts a refreshing hip hop vibe with an instrumental backing one might hear on a Nas record. Matisyahu initially broke into the music scene with his unmistakable reggae sound but the famous Jewish singer is changing things up for his upcoming album.

“Lyrically, Step Out into the Light, sets the stage for much of the record. The vulnerability felt throughout the lyrical narrative comes from acceptance in uncertainty. It’s a musical re-framing of the Jewish philosophical differences between the constant of faith and the immediacy of trust,” shares Matisyahu.

Link to Song:

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