19 year old Dash Lynch’s Newest Product Overdose Athleisure Collection

Product Overdose Collection 
Text by: Austin Velarde
Photos by: Emily Lander


Urban and simplistic vibes can be felt throughout 19-year-old Dash Lynch‘s newest Product Overdose athleisure collection.

This collection is filled throughout with his signature “6” and a fresh take on street-wear.


Dash‘s design career began his sophomore
year in high school with an internship at a  design studio in his hometown of Ithaca.

His senior year of high school he launched his first company called Dash which eventually was switched over to Product Overdose.

His inspirations come from a variety of things such as random Instagram posts to brands such as Supreme, Ralph Lauren, and Adidas.

He is looking to diversify urban street-wear by dressing it up.

He views the bloodied crown on some of his clothes as a relating symbol to the Polo horse.

The “6” on the back of his clothes is inspired by his hometown of Ithaca as it is commonly referred to as “The Six.” product-overdose-photos-by-emily-lander-4

Another direct result of this inspiration comes in the form of a white hat embroidered with Dash‘s bloodied black crown and black Adidas logo.


This popular hat is one of the staple pieces throughout his entire collection.



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