A Must Have Summer Trend for 2018

A Must Have Summer Trend for 2018

Sporty sunglasses seem to be all the rage these days, with celebs like Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid and Princess Anne leading the way.

And we are definitely here for it at ic! berlin! We have been crafting handmade eyewear in Germany for more than 20 years and what sets our glasses apart is that we ditched the screws found in traditional eyewear from the very beginning.

Each and every ic! berlin frame features a patented interlocking screwless hinge system, which combined with high quality materials, makes ic! berlin eyewear virtually indestructible.

Unlike some brands these celebs have been rocking, we have upped the ante with the exclusivity of our frames. You won’t find our frames for sale on our website or in any national chains. We are sold exclusively through boutique optical shops around North America.

With more than 600 of these independent shops carrying our glasses, we can definitely be found, but the chances of seeing someone else in the same pair of ic! berlins as you is slimmer than the German stainless steel their made from.

The higher-end of sport-inspired glasses that the celebs should be wearing below:


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