How to Achieve the Perfect Vacation Hair

How to Achieve the Perfect Vacation Hair

Vacations are known as the coveted time to escape from the ordinary and enter into the extraordinary.

While you’re away on your adventure, the last thing you want to do is worry about your hair.

Thanks to Pearson Knight, Elle Genius award recipient, you don’t have to.

You can now put more time into catching the waves instead of maintaining yours with Beach Grit.

This volume and texture spray allows you to enhance your natural waves by misting damp or dry hair from the root to tip.

This product is ideal for easy, undone texture and works well with all hair types.

If partying it up in fun and exciting cities is more your scene, Sculpture Foam is for you.

Distribute evenly into damp hair from root to end, then blow dry.

For naturally curly hair looks, manipulate the hold and softness of curl lightly with hands.

This curl and styling elixir provides a weightless definition, volume, and strong hold for those unpredicatable wanderlust nights.

No matter what paradise looks like for you, PK by Pearson Knight has a product that will fit your needs.

Products range from $28 to $36

It’s not a paste.

It’s not a fiber.

It’s not even a pomade or a wax.

It’s Texture Mud, a blend of almost all, into a molding mud with extreme pliable mold and performance.

Acclaimed hairstylist Pearson Knight has created the must have pomade.

For effortless texture and hold, apply into palms, then work through damp or dry hair to define and shape hair to your desired look.

Texture Mud allows for a hold that lasts all day and night. Whether your style is a pompadour, spikes, or pixie, this product is for you. Texture Mud was created and tested to create the best performance, hold, and texture.

Texture Mud retails for $28

Celebrated hairstylist Pearson Knight has created the perfect blowout lotion for those nights when your hair needs to do all the talking.

To achieve this look, simply apply Straight Shine into hands and distribute evenly throughout damp hair, then blow dry.

Adjust the amount of product for your hair’s texture, length, and density.

Straight Shine has a hint of beach vacation in its aroma that is subtle and not overpowering, with a fresh and clean finish.

The blowout lotion leaves hair ultra-straight, smooth and gives hair a healthy appearance.

Knight prides himself on using less harsh chemicals than traditional formulas by using ingredients such as vitamins E and B5, Aloe, and flower extracts.

Zero plant oil is used due to the environmental impact on the Rain Forest as well as the animals within.

Instead, a gentle blend of glycerin made up of aloe, fruit, olive, and coconut oil are used.

Straight Shine retails for $36

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