Add Some Glitz And Glam to Your Wardrobe This Fall With Pasha: Jewelry For Your Feet and Head!

Add some glitz and glam to your wardrobe this fall with Pasha: Jewelry for Your Feet and Head. In a season usually defined by darker colors, their colorful line of hand bejeweled sandals and headbands will be the perfect complement to your fun and flirty personality. They constantly come up with new styles that are in touch with the latest fashion trends, so you will never be bored and will always be yearning for more! No matter if you’re looking for flats, wedges, heels, or boots, Pasha has you covered!

Their stunning bejeweled sandals, which start at $165, are the perfect addition to dresses, jeans or shorts. Each pair of footwear is made of the highest quality genuine leather and is artistically handcrafted in a manner that takes eight to twelve hours per pair, incorporating exclusive Czech rhinestones combined with unique gemstones, shells and natural stones!
Finish off your look with one of their bejeweled headbands! Starting at $89, these stunning headbands will keep heads turning as you out shine the rest of the pack!
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