AKINGSNY Busting Out with Raw Denim

Our J-cut denim is our signature, and this week we go back to our roots and release the much anticipated pairs of denim and trousers.
While the designs of the denim have specific features that bring something to new to the table, they still stay true to certain features of our original designs.

Most notably, the JAMESON RAW DENIM is definitely a rebirth of one of our originals, JAMES RAW DENIM. While maintaining the fundamentals of the design, JAMESON has a strip of visible selvedge that run down the sides of the denim.

This makes it unique and gives the wearer a bolder statement, especially during the evenings that will surely bring more attention to their outfits.

The KROP KYLE CARGO JEANS is variation of one of our most popular items, KYLE CARGO JEANS.

The cropped version certainly gives a different feel in comparison to the original, but this also allows for the opportunity to have more versatile styling compared to our originals.

The cropped fit would also be more appropriate for shoes that rise well above the ankles, like the Balenciaga’s sock shoes.

Finally, the AK-05 CROPPED SELVEDGE JEANS is a pair that’s perfect for those that pay particular attention to the details.

Raw edge selvedge with contrasting white stitching allows the wearer to pursue a look that’s either dressed up or dressed down.

This is particularly important in menswear to have pairs of denim or trousers that can be styled in either manner.

Envision yourself with one of our latest pairs of denim.

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