Alexander Shorokoff Creates the Newport Watch

A customized watch for an industrial city. 
Newport is a seaside city in Rhode Island, United  States. It was founded in 1639 and is known as  New England’s summer resort and is famous for  its historic mansions. It was a major 18th‐century port city and also contains a high number of surviving buildings from the Colonial era of the United States.
Beginning in the mid‐nineteenth century, wealthy southern planters began to build summer cottages and larger mansions on Bellevue Avenue. By the turn of the 20th century, many of  the nation’s wealthiest families were summering  in Newport.
Alexander Shorokhov knows the rich history of Newport and the revolutionary movement.  The philosophy and cultural influence combines both. Thus a wonderful idea was born, which led to a remarkable collaboration:  A special Newport watch, for our American distributor Ray  Grenon, designed by Alexander Shorokhoff.

The dial with the beautiful hand‐engraved mansion plays the leading role, as the production was very complex. It is made out of silver and was blackened,  in order to get the three‐dimensional optic.  The lettering over the building was inspired by the art deco/Great Gatsby style, and fits perfectly into the overall picture. The back is enameled. The lady’s watch is limited to 39 pieces, while the men’s watch is  limited to 16 pieces.

Since the first cooperation was very successful, both partners decided to create a second  version.
The new version of the Newport watch underlines the maritime topic of the port city.  Here Alexander Shorokhoff shows a beautiful color  range.  The big square is coated with blue metallic and the small square, where the second hand is located, is gold-plated. The striped hands perfectly match the theme.
In order to underline its uniqueness, this version is limited to only 10 pieces.
Both models are exclusively available at our distributor Ray Grenon, in Newport, Rhode Island.

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