Amazon Studios Golden Globes Celebration: Angela Lindvall wore Le Vian, MARLI and L’Dezen by Payal Shah jewels

Angela Lindvall

wore Le Vian black diamond earrings, a MARLI diamond bracelet and L’Dezen by Payal Shah diamond rings

to the Amazon Studios Golden Globes Celebration

on Janaury 7th

in Beverly Hills, California.

Le Vian black diamond earrings:

Le Vian:
Considered one of the oldest jewelers in the world today, Le Vian’s glittered archive tells the story of a family’s steadfast integrity and love of gemstones and quality.
Capturing the eyes of ancient royalty and the most famous celebrities on today’s red carpet, Le Vian’s® designs are regarded as works of art.
Artisans craft rare natural decorative color diamonds including Pink Orchid Diamonds™, Sunny Yellow Diamonds™, Blackberry Diamonds™, Vanilla Diamonds™ and Chocolate Diamonds® into innovative designs, combining colors of gems and flavors of gold with intricate detailing and a passion from days gone by.
Master gem cutters then utilize Le Vian®’s proprietary and innovative cuts to brilliantly reveal the exceptional beauty of each gem.
For more information, please visit
  • Instagram: @Levian_jewelry
  • Facebook: @LeVianJewelry
  • Twitter: @Le_Vian
MARLI diamond bracelet: 


Founded in New York in 2014 by Maral Artinian, Marli is redefining minimalism with distinctive, original jewelry design, artisanal craftsmanship and precious materials.
Marli draws inspiration from a novel mix of pop culture, urban life and Haute Couture fashion.
Every jewel is meticulously hand-crafted in 18K yellow, rose or white gold and top quality diamonds.
Discover the magic of minimalism at
  • Instagram: @marli_style

L’Dezen by Payal Shah diamond rings

L’Dezen by Payal Shah:
Owner and designer of a flourishing fine jewelry brand at a young age, Payal Shah is a unique creative talent.
With a fresh perspective on jewelry design and an unrelenting dedication to her craft, it is no surprise that L’ Dezen has already found success among industry influencers and discerning jewelry lovers worldwide. Combining her knowledge of architectural design with the teachings she acquired from her Indian heritage and Chinese culture, Shah launched L’Dezen Jewelry in 2011.
The L’Dezen Jewelry collection elegantly walks the line between sophisticated and funky, classic and unconventional.
The bold yet lightweight designs are modern but anchored in classical schema.
The beauty of L’ Dezen’s sophisticated designs lies in the exemplary craftsmanship of each piece.
The designs are carefully hand crafted. For more information, please visit
  • Instagram: @LDezen
  • Facebook: @LDezen
  • Twitter: @LDezen



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