Ana Gaprindashvili SS2018

Ana Gaprindashvili is a 24 year old designer from Tbilisi, Georgia.

She graduated from the University Academy of Art where she studied design.

During her time at university, she worked as an intern in a Georgian studio.

Additionally, Gaprindashvili was a finalist in the fashion competition titled BE NEXT.

Her handmade textiles and collections were in several exhibitions across the globe in countries such as Georgia and Spain.

While working on her most current collection, she stated that her main object of interest was ethnic culture, with the tribe of the ACOMA PUEBLO becoming her main subject of research.

The pottery of the ACOMA tribe is strongly recognized for thin walls and geometric design.

Gaprindashvili connected these details and combined her similar dynamic to create her own print.

Merging handprint symbols from the ACOMA architecture with the culture of other African tribes, the handprint became the stylistic mark of her collection.

Lastly, her technique is mixed handmade works with industrial treatments which give her audience a visual to see the blending of old and new culture in fashion



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