AOR: Comrad

As a busy entrepreneur, Comrad founder Andrew Ferenci spends most of his time crisscrossing the country in cramped airplane seats or seated at his desk for long periods of time.

The result: tired and achy feet.

To prevent this, his physical therapist suggested he try compression socks for better circulation and overall health.

But all he could find were either ugly and expensive medical compression socks or loud athletic ones.

Nothing he could see himself wearing every day–and certainly nothing he could afford in the long run.

When he saw the limited selection on the market, he knew he had to do something to disrupt the industry, thus Comrad was born.


Most people don’t know the benefits of Companion Compression Socks, which can:

•          Increase circulation to your legs and feet

•          Relieve fatigued, aching legs

•          Prevent swelling of the feet, ankles, and legs

•          Improve muscle recovery after exercise

•          Prevent blood clots or swelling during air travel

•          Prevent varicose veins


Comrad socks have universal appeal and can help anyone who:

•          Travels long distances on airplanes

•          Stands for more than 5 hours a day

•          Is pregnant and/or Expecting

•          Participates in high aerobic exercise.

Comrad socks have all the benefits of a medical-grade compression sock (more details below) without the crazy price tag or the unattractive style. The collection launched with 11 styles and retails for $18/pair.


What are compression socks?

By providing therapeutic pressure from the ankle to the knee, Comrad compression socks can help increase the circulation of freshly oxygenated blood back to your legs.

Comrad uses True Graduated Compression™ technology in every pair of companions.

Using an ISO-certified circular knitting machine, our socks are engineered and lab-tested to insure 15-20mmHg of compression support.

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