“Art in Motion” An Immersive Performance and Video Art Exhibition at The Untitled Space // June 21st


A Group Exhibition of Video and Performance Art
Presented by The Untitled Space

Rendering of “Until I Know My Truth” by Brian Gonzalez 
The Untitled Spaceis pleased to announce “Art In Motion,” featuring a one-night-only live performance by Samantha CC presented along with an immersive video art exhibition by artists Sam Cannon, Sean Capone, Indira Cesarine, Iris Brosch, Lynn Bianchi, Brian Gonzalez and Paul Windridge.
“Art In Motion” will take place on June 21, 2018 to coincide with Tribeca Art + Culture Night.
Performance artist Samantha CC
“Art In Motion” will present a special, one-night-only performance, titled “Fragmentina’s Motherland,” by Samantha CC, a videographer, curator and vocalist who uses mythological tropes to connect lived experience in a black woman’s body to the divine.
“Fragmentina’s Motherland” tells the story of Fragmentina, an otherworldly and bewildered being, who wakes up on an unknown shore and must piece together her identity and the events that have led to her displacement.

Video art to be featured at “Art In Motion” includes “The Glacier Is the Center of the Universe,” a juxtaposition of nature and the female form by Sam Cannon, a New York City-based artist and director; “Daphne,” a modern interpretation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, by digital animator Sean Capone; “The Kiss” and “We are Watching You” both by artist Indira Cesarine; and “Woman and Nature near Extinction,” the second part of a trilogy exploring the relationship between feminism and ecology by Iris Brosch.

Also on view will be “Coney Island Triptych,” a surreal depiction of a series of events taking place on Coney Island, and “New York New York,” a transformation of the Hudson River, by Lynn Bianchi, an artist who explores technology and classicism via mixed media; “Until I Know My Truth,” a collection of video diptyches exploring the dialogue between our mortal and incorporeal selves by Brian Gonzalez; and “The Portal” and “SEA and SHORE I,” filmed at Freshwater Bay, Compton Bay and Tennyson Down on the Isle of Wight, by musician and video artist Paul Windridge.


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