Artist Keith Kattner’s Artwork

Keith Kattner

“Seasonal Drift”


On View –

Gray Krauss Sandler Des Rochers & Gigantic Studio

207 W 25th St #600

Art Curated by Click Model Steven Torrisi,

Hosted by NYC Gallery Space & 100 For All

207 West 25th St #600.

Emerging artist Keith Kattner was formally Dr. Kattner, a neurosurgeon who used to spend eighty hours a week in the operating room.

Although he had an impressive career treating aneurysms, tumors, and all manner of brain related injury, the intense workload stifled his artistic expression. Instead of producing art himself, he began collecting art voraciously.

Yet while this may have been a successful distraction for a time, it failed to satiate his longstanding desire to become an artist.

Once he came to terms with the depth of his passion for art – how it filled a void no other occupation in the world could achieve – he left neurosurgery to follow his dream.

One of Keith Kattner’s recent series of oil paintings, “Reflections,” are loosely based on Cezanne‘s “Bathers.”

Appropriating from renaissance structures, luministic, atmospheric light and modernistic use of form and lines, I’ve created an idyllic world. My Arcadian images of objects and their reflections represent memory and recede dependent on the viewpoint.”

His newest series “Four Season” will be included in this exhibition, which reveals Kattner‘s most advanced artistic expression.

The ”Four Seasons” series is his contemporary spin on a time-honored theme, painted from memory, with quotations from the art of the past.

This cycle of painting is an idyllic journey focused on transience and change.

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