The artist sculpting her friends smoking, f*cking & dancing

The artist sculpting her friends smoking, f*cking & dancing

By casting her friends and their hedonistic behaviour, Cajsa von Zeipel uses her art to return the viewer’s gaze

Over the past ten years, Swedish-born visual artist Cajsa von Zeipel has been carving out a name for herself – quite literally – thanks to her transformative talent for turning mounds of malleable materials into towering sculptures.

If you are familiar with her work, then you will know that things are never as they seem, and von Zeipel’s work both utilises and subverts traditional sculpting techniques in order to redefine disciplines such as painting, performance and of course, sculpture.

Currently on show at Peckham’s Arcadia Missa, von Zeipel’s latest exhibition (and first London based solo), debuts as a series of colossal women, all brought to life through a very physical sculpting process that gives way to nude bodies, “smoking, f*cking and pulling-hair,” from von Ziepel’s vision.

Best at their biggest, her sculptures call out with energy and vibrancy despite the rigid materials from which they are handcrafted.

For all their bright-white bravado, von Zeipel’s artworks have an otherworldly quality which is best seen in the unfiltered light of real life.

The women featured in Insulting the Archive return the viewer’s gaze, they refuse to take the historical role of women in sculpture; passive, dull with plump lips slightly parted” – Cajsa von Zeipel


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