Author Reveals the Personality Behind the Shoe in New Book

If you were a shoe, what shoe would you be?
That’s the question that author and Hollywood personal stylist turned life coach, Kathy Kelada asks all her clients.
Are you a sexy strappy Sandal, a focused Flat, a power Pump, casual Flip Flop, a determined Work Boot, or perhaps, a ready-for-anything Sneaker?
As you flip through the pages of her insightful new book, BE THE SHOE (, Kathy provides fresh and fun perspective for every women into their own lives, and inspires them to pursue their personal goals with style, ease, and the right pair of shoes.
An inspiring and entertaining journey of self discovery for modern women, BE THE SHOE is the result of keen observation into human nature.
BE THE SHOE gives women of all walks of life, an immediate way to see themselves and identify their “shoe profile” through their relationships, money, work styles, strengths, and their vulnerable Achilles heels – all with the flair and creativity that make the book a perfect gift and great to share at girls’ nights and brunch gatherings.
Skip the drama, the therapy, the guilt, and the worry.
  • Experience a new kind of “shoe therapy”: Find out why Kathy‘s insights about women’s personal styles and personalities are so revealing and so true.
  • Find your special shoe within the 14 core Shoe Profiles: What type are you now? Is that the “real” you? How to “step” into your own shoe.
  • Analyze your shoe closet: Save, purge, and add shoes that bring out your best self and greatest potential.
  • Live the lesson: “We don’t wear the same pair of shoes on every occasion, just as we don’t show the same side of our personalities in every situation. Why not think of your shoes as a pathway to a new perspective?” says Kathy.
Starting her career as an actress in Los Angeles, Kathy went on to become a successful personal stylist and ultimately, found her true talent as a life coach.
The best of both styling and her thriving life coaching practice, Kathy discovered an easy and relatable way to help connect with women everywhere.
Whether tall, short, older, younger, career driven or party focused, all women wear shoes.
Using this metaphor to relate to one of her hardest to crack clients, she carefully came up with 14 core Shoe Profiles ranging from a strappy Sandal to a clog, and everything in between.
Whether a light-hearted adventure, a journey of self-discovery or a liberating catalyst for change, Kathy‘s user friendly and beautifully illustrated book playfully guides every woman to find the shoe they are, and maybe along the way, the shoe they’d like to be, too.

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