Ayuko Hishikawa Millinery.

Ayuko Hishikawa Millinery


Atelier Ayuko Hishikawa established her own brand she named “Ms.Merry” based in Tokyo, Japan.
She now creates extraordinary hats for many occasions and works on teaming up with one of the garment designers in Japan to start on a special line of clothes and hats.
You can find Ayuko right HERE and if you are not fluent in Japanese, you can visit 


Based in NYC and Tokyo

Moved to NY in 2014.

I have been creating various things since I was a little child.

My first formal study about design was Architecture at college in TX.
I believe this experience was absolutely necessary part for me to create something new from nothing, and to learn the ability to think in three dimensions.

I also was inspired by very vast nature in TX.

Hats are always wearable architecture for me.After graduation, I started my career as an interior designer in Tokyo.

While working as an interior designer, my wish to create something with my own hand had been getting bigger and bigger gradually.

I was not sure what exactly I want to create at that time.

I’ve been looking for something what I really want to create, and in 2012, I finally found the way to millinery.

After learning millinery from Anya Caliendo in NY for a month,
I have been learning deeper skill and knowledge through self-education.I believe that the beauty is in details and sensitive combinations of color,design, and materials.

Hope you’ll smile and get excited with my hats like when you found your favorite fairly tale story!

Ayuko Hishikawa


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