BABOR Skincare creates Chanel Iman’s Oscar GLOW with Angel Merino

BABOR is the official sponsor for Chanel Iman’s look with Angel Merino — better known as @mac_daddyy on Instagram.

We’ve teamed up with him to create the perfect glowing foundation for Chanel; making sure she’s got that red carpet glow for Hollywood‘s biggest night.

Angel’s secret?

The key to perfect makeup is great skin — with all of the science, combined with the benefits of natural elements, BABOR is a game changer when it comes to creating a perfect canvas for a red carpet event.”

Merino shares his step by step breakdown to a perfect red carpet glow with BABOR below



Chanel always loves a great glow! I find it super important to have supple rich skin so any foundation that I apply really absorbs into the skin — BABOR easily provides this.


I am very big on a great setting spray before any of my makeup applications so for Chanel,  I use BABOR CLEANSING CP Thermal Spray. This product is the best to moisten the palette. The thermal element is  rich in minerals and supplements providing a great base.” – Angel

A cult-classic must-have for setting any red carpet look, this hydrating mist with 100% moisture calms and refreshes the skin, while locking in makeup to ensure it lasts all night long; $25 at


 “Chanel always loves a great glow, so next I pop  DOCTOR BABOR’s Glow Booster Bi-Phase Ampoules  and massage it all over her face with my finger tips. This product is amazing, it helps smooth the skin and creates a base glow to start with beneath the makeup. It has Vitamin C & E which really helps to give the skin a natural glow.” – Angel

This bi-phase ampoule leaves the skin feeling smooth and velvety, with a fresh, radiant, and youthful red carpet glow; set of  14 for $109 at


My final step is apply DOCTOR BABOR DERMA CELLULAR Ultimate Perfecting Eye Cream. This product in particular is key for youthful and fresh bright eyes. With the eyes perfectly primed, it allows the makeup to look seamless and creaseless for the red carpet.” – Angel

A rejuvenating eye cream with immediate results, thanks to its cooling roller ball delivery system that reduces puffiness, bags and dark circles under the eyes; $124 at

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