Backstage at NYFW with Ricardo Seco

A Complete are extremely honored to sponsor the work of Ricardo Seco.

His collection, #Juntostogether is a testament of what it means to be a proud immigrant.

It is from this celebration of diversity, inclusion and empowerment in which we built our brand.

We also invited lovely make-up artist Mayela Vazquez to share her inspiration:

“The look created for this collection was very focused on 

bringing out the best from each of the models, so my goal was to make them as cool and fresh as possible!”


“Before applying anything on their skin, I added A Complete eye cream to all of the models. This product made the under eyes look more awake instantly! I also love that it is super moisturizing and holds on to any makeup which is always important for a makeup artist.”

“To prep the models’ skin, I added theserum all over the T zone, cheeks and neck to refresh and create a beautiful glow. The models loved this!”

“I also used the moisturizing cream on the models who had dryer skin, to help them improve their appearance and after a few seconds I finished up with makeup.”


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