Bandelettes: Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands

Bandelettes: Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands


Chafing thighs is a problem some women have had to struggle with their entire lives. Our mission is to provide women with a solution. Whether they’re into being glamorous, sexy, or are serious runners and athletes, Bandelettes® are used by women all over and from all different walks of life.

The Story of Bandelettes®

This is our passion and it is a pure one. One of the founders of Bandelettes® suffered with a persistent thigh chafing issue for many years. After having tried many different options only to have the friction cause irritation yet again, she knew that there had be an effective solution and it had to be something different.

Yet she and her partner soon discovered that she wasn’t the only one with the problem, but that many were frustrated with this problem that only got worse when they wore skirts and dresses, making some limit their wardrobe to pants when they really don’t want to. What they found out is that chafing thighs is an issue that is shockingly common but rarely discussed.

Finding out that she was not alone and that so many others were having to struggle with the discomfort and embarrassment of rubbing thigh skin, only served to increase their motivation to find a solution, one that tights, and other hosiery simply couldn’t provide. After much intensive research Bandelettes® were born. These thigh bands are luxurious wardrobe additions that not only effectively addresses the problem but also helps to enhance style, thus integrating fashion and functionality in one ingenious product.

Bandelettes® are so comfortable and convenient to wear. You can put them on with almost anything, or even nothing at all. Their appearance might be similar to high thigh tights, but there is never a need to worry about slipping or rolling with wearing Bandelettes®. These thigh bands feature two rows of stay up silicone that hold them in place, even through extended wear, without any need to worry about slipping.

Chic and pleasing, Bandelettes® can be worn in hot weather and serve as an effective replacement for tights and pantyhose, only better.

Colors: Black Onyx, Beige Onyx, White Onyx, Chocolate, Red Romance, Black, Beige, Red, Caramel, Black Unisex, Beige Unisex, Chocolate Unisex, Beige Jasmine, Black Jasmine


Price: $15.99  direct link to

Size A – pants size 2-4 (S)

Size B – pants size 6-8 (M)

Size C – 10 -12 (L)

Size D – 14-16 (XL)

Size E – 18-20 (XXL)

Size F – 20-22 (3XL

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