Baroque Underwater Photography by Christy Lee Rogers

Baroque Underwater Photography by Christy Lee Rogers



Photographer Christy Lee Rogers produces luminous scenes of swirling figures swathed in colorful fabrics. She creates a painterly quality in her large-scale images not by using wet pigments, but rather by completely submerging her subjects in illuminated water and photographing them at night.

The works shown here are part of Rogers’ most recent series, titled ‘Muses’, which were in response to a year of personal loss. She shared in an interview that “these final images represent a soft and peaceful place that I imagine exists, where you can be free to let go and experience the beauty surrounding you.”

Rogers grew up in Hawaii and continues to shoot there, though she now lives in Nashville. You can see more from Rogers on Facebook and Vimeo. (via Booooooom)

“Our Hopes and Expectations”



“Love Live”





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