BIBI  BACHTADZE ready to wear presentation during Paris Fashion Week


FALL-WINTER 2016-2017


Paris, 5th march 2016 at Hôtel Westin Paris Vendôme during So Couture & New Couture presentation

A L L  A B O U T  B I B I  B A C H T A D Z E

What, or rather, who is BIBI BACHTADZE?

How does one pronounce it? Where does it come from?

Why such a complicated name? All these are questions everyone asks when trying to say the label’s name for the first time.

“BIBI BACHTADZE” is both a proper noun and a pseudonym.

BACHTADZE is the Georgian birth name of the label’s founding designer, Anna Schäfer.

BIBI is a nickname she acquired when relocating to Berlin at age 15. As a whole, the name is her history a fusion of the two cultures which have ultimately shaped her.

Anna Schäfer Bachtadze was born in 1980 in Tbilisi, Georgia’s capitol, a city which had the most important influence on her style and understanding of aesthetics.

Thus, her creative career began in early childhood.

In an artistic environment (with architect parents, a musician and dancer brother, as well as a seamstress grandmother) the possibilities which unfolded were limitless.

She loved all of the arts equally except ballet.

Ballet was her passion. But as professional dancing was forbidden to her, she lost herself on the world of costumes instead.

Putting her ballet clothes on, she would dance hours on end to The Dying Swan and got goosebumps every time she had the chance to observe the excited dancers behind the curtains. The marvelous creatures, the lovely fabrics and embroidery in all their colors and lightness fascinated her. It was exactly this same weightlessness of the ballet costumes which pervades all her work to this day. In 2005 she completed a degree in Fashion Design exiting the HTW Berlin (the University of Applied Sciences) with top marks.

As a student her personal style and quality revealed itself: the urge towards perfection through high-quality workmanship with lace as the main material of experimentation. These qualities were recognized quickly throughout her sphere and Anna began to receive her first orders even while she was still studying. Within a year she had gained a remarkable, loyal circle of regular clients, thus the label “BIBI BACHTADZE” was born.


BIBI BACHTADZE’s brand specialties are evening gowns, wedding and cocktail dresses Fine lace paired with light, floating silhouettes are unmistakable trademarks of the label, which has its origins in custom couture. Influenced by the close bonds they’ve build with their clientele, BIBI BACHTADZE unites silhouette sophistication with versatility, sex appeal with elegance – playfulness paired with casualness.BIBI BACHTADZE dresses are classic, timeless yet essentially modern and almost nostalgic, sometimes risqué while remaining elegant at the same time.Taking full advantage of aesthetics is in no way contrary to the wearability and functionality of BIBI BACHTAZDE creations, which distinguish themselves through comfort and simplicity.

BIBI BACHTADZE is a modern interpretation of couture.

BIBI BACHTADZE dresses are specifically made for modern woman through and through, but a woman – in essence – as a muse. BIBI BACHTADZE dresses are tribute to femininity, an expression of admiration for the mysterious gender.A creature simultaneously strong and fragile, innocent yet so amazingly seductive, coldblooded and so caring, dominant and submissive… A being whose beauty is both magnetically attractive, yet intimidating and forbidding at the same time. An anomaly whose opposites unite and reconcile within herself.


The eveningwear segment was and remains the core of the brand. However, the product palette has been expanded. Evening and cocktail dresses have since had everyday elements devised for them ,such as jackets, pants, skirts, blouses and undergarments.

In 2012 the label began working in a rhythm of collection cycles. The first collection brought both areas together – the constructive cocktail part with the lavish lace evening segment, which would later become their own lines. In 2014 a separation was made between PURE – a sleek cocktail collection – and NOIR – the elaborate evening collection.

Since then PURE has functioned as a supplementary collection to NOIR. Elements can be mixed and matched to create a somewhat relaxed and reserved look. PURE also offers material alternatives for those who would like try something other than lace. Three collections are presented annually as collections which span three different themes, techniques and price ranges.


NOIR is the main collection focusing on evening dresses. NOIR is the DNA line of BIBI BACHTADZE. In this line ornate fabrics are combined with exquisite tailoring techniques. For the most part the line is produced in our own atelier where the special draping techniques can be shared internally and remain confidential. The effect of the individual lace components can also be modified and altered in combination with elements from PURE. Within the NOIR collection the undergarments are used for the first time not only as accessories under the dresses but also as ornamental elements over  the garment.


Luxurious evening collection emphasizing the elegance of lace 500€ (smaller underwear basics) to 10,000€


VOYAGE is a relaxed, everyday line based on a cotton lace with a Summery holiday character. It is a classic, ready-to-wear collection with great versatility as well as combination possibilities. This line’s origins can be found in its modular elements, and the theme of composition presented by rearranging and combining ever-new arrangements. The first lace underwear created for modern wear was also developed within the VOYAGE line. Here, underwear is offered combined as an alternative lining and are also offered as a stand-alone article available in different colors and shapes. Options to play with transparency, layering and color are left entirely to the wearer themselves.


Relaxing, wearable vacation and free time clothing

250€ to 1700€


PURE is a finer line, with an urban character and an emphasis on cocktail and multiple-functionality in dresses, clothing which is just as applicable as either daily office wear or attire to relax and go out in depending on the accessories. This line utilizes mainly basic, solid fabrics such as wool crepe, boucle, silk chiffon, satin and leather. Constructive cuts, figure-forming lines and body-hugging silhouettes are all characteristic of this line. The timeless, almost basic pieces of the PURE collection serve – whether as supplements to the evening lace group NOIR or as an alternative for more relaxing occasions. Both lines can be mixed and sold together

Supplementary constructive basics focusing on cocktail and business wear

350€ to 2,500€.

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