The Blonds NYFW FW2018 photos by Cheryl Gorski

The Blonds Fall/Winter 2018
by Austin Velarde

           Phillipe and David Blond did IT again with their hair-raising and heart-stopping Fall
2018 show! A star-studded front row consisting of icons Lil Kim, Miss J. Alexander, Susanne
Bartsch, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 contestant Aquaria, Ty Hunter, Nigel Barker, Mickey
Boardman, Pamella Roland and the Clermont Twins added to the excessive glamour of the night.

           Based off of “the primeval and eternal conflict of good vs. evil” and with a special performance from Daphne Guinness, The Blonds Fall Winter 2018 collection is a MUST see from NYFW. In an interview with AP, Phillipe Blond said “the inspiration was from Kenneth Anger, Lucifer Rising, Daphne Guinness; I was inspired a lot by the Cure, listening to them and especially one of my favorite comic books growing up was Lady Death.” With makeup by Kabuki Magic and the MAC Pro team, hair by Kien Hoang and Oribe Hair Care Products and over-the-top nails by CND, the design duo brought this inspiration into real form by taking their signature spikes and studs and contrasting them against lavish lace, crystals and pearls.

          Opening the show with hair realness and her signature HBIC walk, Phillipe served red devil vibes wearing a flame scarlet jumpsuit with gold studs. Also covered head to toe in flame scarlet was a latex jumpsuit with a matching floor-length fringe jacket. Keeping with this red fantasy, an extremely provocative yet effortlessly elegant black mesh jumpsuit paired with fingerless fiery red shoulder length gloves stole the show. Contrasting these devilish vibes was a heavenly sky blue corset with a scenic print, which added to this conflict between good and evil. A cat woman jet black jumpsuit and grandiose gold corset along with a mermaid-esque turquoise and bougainvillea colored corset also highlighted the show. Additional notable pieces were a jet black latex pant, gold fringed jacket and gold thigh high metallic boots.

          Be sure to check out a video of the show by Chris Sarmanto and relive the astonishing
spectacle The Blonds created. To be quite frank, NYFW would be much duller without The
Blonds and we are all just lucky to have them.

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