Bring On The Fall

As Chief Scientist, I especially wanted to include in our Fall refresh a compilation of answers to popular questions I receive often.

They cover a wide array of topics including general hair care knowledge and ingredients to avoid when choosing a personal care product.

Learn how NIUCOCO approaches research & development in a conscientious manner and how to identify products for every type of hair.

Master Your Beauty DNA

Our little project, which started just a few short years ago, has been growing year over year! Today, NIUCOCO has shipped to nearly every state in the U.S.A. and more than 10 countries. We are proud to launch a refreshed site that reflects the growth of our company. Thank you for believing in NIUCOCO! We work tirelessly to make products that are safe and, most of all, give you great hair!
Go Beyond The Bottle

Yasmine Ishmael Chief Scientist

We are excited to have a new look for Fall and continue to strive for nothing short of excellence in all of our products while following our strict moral code by being cruelty-free.


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