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By Phillip D. Johnson

In a report from the Department of Agriculture, it is estimated that American families spend on average from birth to 17, $11,880 per year on one child. This sum includes housing, food, transportation, health, education and child care, clothing and miscellaneous expenses. Teenagers spend about $100 Billion a year, and children under the age of 12 spend $11 billion of their own money, and influence 75%, about $165 Billion of their parents money per year. A huge sum of these billions is spent on newborns, toddlers and children under the age of twelve. That’s a lot of money. But what the experts say rings true: good times or bad, American parents will often deprive themselves, spend less on themselves and use that extra money to take care of their children’s needs, to give them a better life than they had when they were at that age. As such, there are a whole range of products out there in the marketplace that new parents and parents of toddlers may purchase, not only for fun, but for play and educational value.

It doesn’t get any cuter than this: BloomingBath.com. Launched earlier this year, it is what has to be the best baby bathtub ever! By best, I mean it’s too adorable for words, safe, plush, practical and designed to make bath time a Kodak moment every time. The Blooming Bath is made of plush, cuddly, yet durable, quick-drying foam-filled, flower-shaped pedals that conforms to almost any sink, creating a safe, soft and supportive pouch that your precious little one will enjoy.The Blooming Bath‘s plush foam-filled petals will cradle your baby unlike any other baby bathtub can, and can be used in the sink or in an existing tub to make bath time easy and fun for everyone. Moms and dads will love not having to endure bending over a low tub to support a slippery baby at awkward angles. Once bath time is over, just squeeze out the excess water and throw Blooming Bath in the dryer. Again, it’s durable, easy to clean and quick drying. As one enthusiastic fan wrote on a mommy blog: “Who doesn’t want to bathe their baby in a sunflower?”

The Blooming Bath is available in pink, blue and yellow and available at www.bloomingbath.com.


The Baby Bottle Buddy Collection (in blue, pink and brown) was designed by a mother to help make feeding and bonding time more enjoyable for both baby, parents, and caregivers. Because babies are often easily distracted by what is going on around them, the cuddly Bears capture an infant’s attention during feeding; promotes hand-eye coordination– Parents will find their baby reaching for the bear while on the bottle– which helps develop their fine depth perception.  The Baby Bottle Buddy also stimulates the baby’s eye muscle development, allowing it to distinguish between black and white and colors. It is machine washable on delicate cycle & dryable on low heat, with specially designed ears with bumps and ridges for sensitive gums while baby is teething, can also be used as a wrist toy and safety tested (SGA) to all USA, Canadian & European standards & contain no BPA, Phthalates, PVC or Lead. Baby Bottle Buddy are available at www.amazon.com, www.diapers.com, www.inchbug.com, www.juvenilesolutions.com, Sears, Walmart, and www.walmart.com,

Activity-Elephant-1-300x300The Activity Elephant from Moulin Roty is part of the Les Loustics collection from MagicForest ltd. Designed around four lovely, friendly jungle animals, the giraffe, the lion, the elephant, and the monkey, the Loustics characters travel the world looking for new friends and adventures. The Activity Elephant is 21 inches long and comes complete with the four little Loustic characters as well as the elephant. There are various activities for an infant to amuse themselves with: a hidden squeaker, noise maker, and a bell, and little pockets too. Designed and made by Moulin Roty, Les Loustics items including the activity elephant are made of soft fabrics, sourced in Europe. Moulin Roty, the creative French company behind the Les Loustics line, celebrates their 40th anniversary in 2012. Available at www.amazon.com, www.childrenstoyshop.net.

Sweet Lila brings joy and happiness to all who call her friend. Traveling in her cute pink sports car, Lila delivers charm and sweetness by the trunk load. Other items in her collection include stacking donuts, mini soft rattles perfect for infants and musical plush. Moulin Roty, the creator of lovely Lila comes from France which by the way is celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2012. All fabrics are made in France and all wood comes from managed forests.

The Sevi Workbench is what every little carpenter dreams about. Each detail is carefully designed by the toy designers from Sevi, a company with a tradition of making great children’s products since 1831. The bench has a nice big work surface (about 18 by 19 inches). There is also a vice and a place to put your tools when finished. The tool bench is designed as a companion product to Sevi’s full range of construction toys. There are five different sets in the construction series (each sold separately). In addition to the workbench, the set comes with 20 pieces including nuts, screws, and a set of five tools: mallet, wrench, screw driver, saw, and a square. The size of the pieces are ideal for little fingers just learning to manipulate and develop dexterity. The Sevi workbench is recommended for children ages 3+. Available at www.naturalbabygoods.com, www.ebay.com, www.gadgetmom.com, www.sandypants.com.

What could be better than a puzzle kids can actually play with? Play Puzzle City (from Sevi) is a 28 piece puzzle with images painted in bright colors on the inside and outside. It’s a great on-the-go gift since all pieces fit snuggly in its box and latch shut. Children can build skyscrapers as the roofs of all the building pop off and are stackable. It’s an excellent developmental building toy; the pieces are perfect for little fingers and big imaginations. Sevi is Europe’s oldest wooden toy maker since 1831 using only vegetable-based paints and smooth hardwood. Available at www.amazon.com, www.planetozkids.com.

Lemon-Cat-300x223The Lemon Cat from Kaloo is made from the softest cotton & microfiber for lasting comfort. The unique embroidered face will captivate little ones ensuring they are kept close at hand. All kaloo products are created with the greatest of care and attention under the supervision of quality engineers. All facial features are stitched in computer embroidery to ensure the longevity of the products and avoid any detachment of the threads.

The Tiny Nini Mouse, from the Moulin Roty Grande Famille range of soft toys, has a gray plush body and is wearing a flower print corduroy dress with which you can dress and undress her. She measures 8 in from ear to paw. It’s just the right toy for a young child.

The small Seal Pup is from Trudi, the premier Italian plush maker. Her jet black eyes are alluring. Measuring 11 in tall, the fur on this seal is snow white for protection in the wild. This seal is made of an incredibly soft pile fabric that is machine-washable and comes with a lifetime warranty. The stitching is done twice and the fabric is double-woven for durability. Although safe for infants, this seal is recommended for children ages 1+. Available exclusively in America through Magicforest Ltd.

To truly pamper your baby, one has to go to www.KumiKookoon.com. At Kumi Kookoon, silk rules. Kumi is one of the premier purveyors of the purest and most natural silk products in the world; creating some of the most beautiful bedding, lounge wear and accessories one could ever buy.

For more than 2,000 years, the Chinese tightly guarded the secrets of silk; and anyone that revealed the secrets or smuggled the silk worm eggs or kookoons outside of China was punished by death. For centuries, silk had been as valuable as gold and often used as currency in international trade. According to Chinese legends, silk was discovered in 3,000 BC by Lady Hsi-Ling-Shi, wife of Emperor Huang Ti, when a silkworm Kookoon accidentally dropped into her hot tea. Fine threads from the kookoon unraveled in the hot water and silk was discovered.

When silk was first discovered, it was used exclusively by the emperor, his close relations, and the very highest of his dignitaries. Even Julius Caesar restricted the wearing of silk to himself and his favored officials. Noble and rich Roman and Greek families also sought after this splendid textile. The great demand for silk from Europe created The Silk Road, built entirely to support its commerce Today, silk continues to be a character of luxury and grandeur. Kumi Kookoon manufactures some of the finest silk with unsurpassed quality. The Kumi Kookoon Baby Collection offers infants unmatched comfort and luxury. Covered in softest silk charmeuse and sized for baby, this collection of pillows, sheets, shams, comforters, duvet covers, and throw blankets keeps babies rested and happy. Consider the following an investment into their future.

Comforters (30″ x 36″) are available in white only, with covers in silk ($388.00USD) and pure cotton ($362.00USD). Kumi Baby Fitted Sheets ($295.00USD, 25″ x 50″ x 8″) comes in several beautiful colors —Champagne, Ivory, Raindrop, Sage, White, Cotton Candy, and Snow Cone and is sure to keep your young one comfortable in the lap of luxury. The Kumi Baby Pillow ($195.00) is filled with 100% Grade “A” mulberry silk so it’s naturally hypoallergenic. The 8 x 14″ pillow comes with a cotton travel bag. The Baby Pillow Sham ($98.00USD, 8’ X 14″) in Champagne, Ivory, Raindrop, Sage, White, Cotton Candy, and Snow Cone— was made especially for their own baby pillow with the softest charmeuse silk to keep babies rested and happy. 8″ x 14″.

Kumi’s divinely beautiful Classic Baby Throw ($445.00USD, 30″ X 36″) will keep your baby wrapped in restful comfort for many a moons. Imported, it comes in Champagne, Ivory, Raindrop, Sage, White, Cotton Candy, and Snow Cone. They are so beautiful, your pride and joy deserves more than one.

The double row of ruffles that surround this silk-filled Lilyanne Baby Throw ($445.00USD, 30″ X 36″) is imported and comes in White, Snow Cone, Cotton Candy, Lemon Meringue, and Key Lime Pie; while the Petite Baby Throw ($500.00USD, 36″ X 36″) features the finest cashmere with a petite cable stitch. The cashmere is ivory and is trimmed with their signature charmeuse with charmeuse on the reverse side. The Petite Baby Throw is especially lovely as it comes in a dual combination of colors: Ivory/Ivory, Sage/Ivory, Raindrop/Ivory, Champagne/Ivory, White/Ivory, Raindrop/Raindrop, and Cotton Candy/Cotton Candy. All these enchanting pieces are available online at www.kumikookon.com.

Rullingnet Corp., home to the VINCI Early Learning Systems, announced the release of its new wireless-enabled second-generation VINCI Tab II. VINCI is a cutting edge Early Learning System powered by the world’s first developmentally-designed digital learning curriculum designed to engage and educate children 18 months to 5 years and to empower them to achieve future success.

Created by a mom, VINCI is a new category of learning systems designed for a collaborative and fun experience. VINCI engages children from 18 months to 5 years with 43 monthly learning subjects that mimic a child’s environment, with the goal to help him or her learn. Supported by the world’s first developmentally-based digital learning curriculum, VINCI aims to empower children to achieve future success by building their capabilities.

Building on the first VINCI Tab, the second generation wireless-enabled VINCI Tab II with Parent Mode allows parents to access Internet content through a password-protection feature to prevent toddlers from getting on the Internet. The newest addition to the VINCI tab also comes at a lower price point of $249 and can be purchased without wireless access for $199.

The VINCI Tab II is preloaded with free content including VINCI Curriculum Level 1 samples (6 apps), 3 interactive storybooks and Baby Haha‘s Music Video Album filled with 20 award-winning animated videos, including Lullabies and Sing-n-Dance.

Complete Level 1 and Level 2 Curriculum packages can be purchased on micro SD cards. Level 1 Curriculum is priced at $89 and Level 2 is $139. VINCI Curriculum saves parents time on searching and qualifying apps by providing a complete play-based learning structure for the intellectual development of young children.

The VINCI Tab II brings a new level of functionality and ease to our platform,” said VINCI creator and CEO Dr. Dan Yang. “It also lays the groundwork for additional upcoming products that leverage networking capabilities and introduces social learning for kids to collaborate, compete and play together with VINCI devices and games. The VINCI Tab II allows more families to experience VINCI Early Learning Systems, and the new content choices give parents the flexibility to purchase apps based on their child’s individual progress through our curriculum.”

Vinci Tab II and Curriculum packages are available for sale at www.vincigenius.com, www.amazon.com, and www.amazon.ca, in print in the SkyMall(TM) Catalog and at select retailers including Data Vision in New York and the Natick Mall in Natick, MA. For more information on Vinci Tab II, visit www.VINCIGenius.com; follow them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/vincigenius; and on Twitter at http://twitter.com/vincigenius

Web Site: http://www.vincigenius.com