If you’re in need of another great stocking stuffer, look no further!

CareRing is a genius little innovation as seen on The Today Show, that protects your ring from getting nicked, scratched, lost or damaged!

 Do you take your ring off when doing dirty housework, traveling, working out, swimming, or doing your hair?

It can be a pain to always take it off and on, but now you don’t have to!


CareRing not only protects your ring from getting damaged and slipping off your finger; it gives you that calming peace of mind knowing that you’re precious jewelry is safe. This genius ring protector covers all shapes and sizes of diamonds, with it’s patent pending dome shape and ring guards on both sides. 

It even comes in a wedding band form for men!

 Price: $9.99 (*with shipping) on or on Amazon.


CareRing is made of a safe, inert material with many features that make it the ideal choice for ring protection.

The benefits to having a CareRing cover makes life a little easier. Watch this 60 second video, here.


  • is made of a CLEAR silicone that provides excellent visibility of rings beneath it
  • is Hypoallergenic, no open pores to harbor bacteria
  • protects and insulates from extreme temperatures, abrasions and impacts
  • has excellent sealing performance – keeps moisture out!
  • is easy to put on and take off!

CareRing is a must for anyone with ring “bling” they want to cherish and keep forever. The ring cover comes in various colors and prices and is also available for WholeSale buyers.


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