Carl F. Bucherer Opens First Boutique in Lucerne

Carl F. Bucherer Opens First Boutique in Lucerne, Joined by Global Brand Ambassador Li Bing Bing
New York, NY
(August 25, 2017)
Carl F. Bucherer is one of the few remaining family-owned Swiss watch manufacturers, boasting a wide network of distribution partners around the world.
Following the inauguration of its Shanghai boutique, the renowned watch brand has paid homage to its heritage by opening an exclusive boutique in Lucerne, where the company was founded.
With its latest boutique, the Swiss watch manufacturer offers visitors a new way to experience the world of Carl F. Bucherer.
The interior exudes understated luxury, accentuated by the golden elements of the brand logo, launched in 2016, and the distinctive brand imagery that also reflects the cosmopolitan nature of the city of Lucerne.

The new brand identity underlines the company’s ambition to continue growing while raising the profile of Lucerne as a cosmopolitan destination.

A Highlight for 2017

Jörg G. Bucherer, representing the third generation of the Bucherer family at the helm of the company, attended the inauguration of the boutique: “ It fills me with pride and joy to be able to continue my family’s legacy around the world while also honoring that same heritage here at home. ” CEO Sascha Moeri was thoroughly pleased with the result: “ As a Swiss watch manufacturer that has a very deep connection to Lucerne, opening our new boutique here is a very special and unique event. Li Bingbing, Global Brand Ambassador of Carl F. Bucherer, traveled to Lucerne for the inauguration and spent a week getting toknow the city and enjoying the region.

The famous Chinese actress, who has starred in Hollywood blockbusters such as Transformers and Resident Evil, lent a particularly glamorous note to the proceedings.


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