Kelly Clarkson is LOVING this!

Get a beautiful start this Spring With Façade from FACE atelier Imagine doing your makeup in the morning, and being able to use the same item for multiple uses! FACE atelier has…..

No-Heat Hair Tricks for Perfect Curls

No-Heat Hair Tricks for Perfect Curls While all natural hair types are beautiful, we always want what we don’t have. Women with ringlets wish they had straight hair, and those…..


Mouthwatchers Spring is on its way so make sure you are smiling big when the sun comes out! Help yourself to a healthy smile with Mouthwatchers! Protect those pearly whites…..

True Natural- Various Benecos

True Natural- Various Benecos True Natural’s Benecos cosmetic line is an organic makeup brand your face will absolutely love! Safe, long lasting and affordable, True Natural offers brilliant lipstick shades, matte Mineral…..


When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? Dirty brushes can be abrasive, cause acne skin irritation and even acne. Keep your brushes clean, soft and germ-free with BUMP…..

True Natural Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a spring beauty tip that should never be neglected. True Natural allows you to relish in the sun without worrying about harmful UV rays. Add their line of sunscreens…..

Award Worthy Nail Art From MARS The Salon

MARS The Salon This time around, MARS The Salon, Hollywood’s go-to nail spot, has made it possible for you to showcase your own award worthy nail art! The must-have looks of the…..

Build Your Beauty Arsenal!

I wanted to introduce you to BEAUTILITY®! This beauty tool is saving time and money as it is able to scrape the last of your product stuck at the end…..

Get Gorgeous, Silky Smooth Hair at Home!

Spring Your Hairstyle Forward With RG Cosmetics Achieve stylish, sophisticated locks with The Sleek Now + Stay Sleek Collection  From glam, Hollywood-inspired curls to beautiful boho hair, your locks leave…..


Reviv3 This spring, invest in the premium, all natural system that thickens and enriches those sophisticated strands without harsh chemicals.  With Reviv3 Procare’s 3-part system, you can let your hair…..


Hibba Beauty, an all-natural and organic Indian inspired salon and its newest location at Columbus Circle. Hibba Beauty is named after its founder, Hibba Kapil, browologist and hair removal expert……

Jennifer Aniston’s Long-Time Colorist

Hollywood’s most sought-after colorist and co-creator of “The Rachel,” Michael Canalé, is pushing the standard in the hair industry. The man behind some of the most famous locks including, Jennifer Aniston, Heidi…..

Backstage at NYFW with Ricardo Seco

A Complete are extremely honored to sponsor the work of Ricardo Seco. His collection, #Juntostogether is a testament of what it means to be a proud immigrant. It is from this celebration of…..

Valentine’s Nail Art From MARS The Salon

What a better way to celebrate Valentine’s day than to display your love at your fingertips! In honor of Valentine’s day, the team from MARS The Salon, Hollywood’s go-to nail salon,…..