Summer approved foundation!

Ultra Skin – just like skin, only better! With summer around the corner, it’s time to lighten up! Ultra Skin is perfect for a quick beauty routine that complements every summer lifestyle. FACE…..

Get Sexy Spring Hair in Seconds

Quick Summer Hair Fixes try LUXHAIR and Secret Extensions® !  Want to change up your look for a cocktail party or try something new?  Check out these easy non-permanent fixes with LUXAIR and Secret Extensions® ! Is…..

Cailyn Cosmetics

Cailyn Cosmetics Introduce this great brand to your Spring beauty routine!  With only the finest ingredients, Cailyn Cosmetics will have you looking bold and beautiful – without sacrificing quality. Everything from their makeup to…..

Sugaring, Microblading and more

It’s finally spring and before we know it, summer will be knocking at our doors (ASAP, please!).  Hibba Beauty, NYC’s premier waxing and threading salon. Hibba Beauty has several options…..


Aminocare Treat your skin to something special from Aminocare’s high-performance line of effective and natural products. Their skincare line is a MUST – especially for those with sensitive skin. Choose from over…..

Elizabeth Parker Naturals

Elizabeth Parker Naturals Are your hands feeling dry or cracked? If so, stop it in its tracks with Elizabeth Parker Naturals and give your hands the relief that they desperately need. Their potent formula…..


SKINFOOD Join the hype about Korean skincare products! Healthy skin starts with food.  Food contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are good for the body inside and out.SKINFOOD uses these nourishing elements in all their products to…..

Products For Hair, Roots and Brows Avail From CYG

Waterproof root, hair and eyebrow touch products by Cover Your Gray. Cover Your Gray has the perfect solution to your hair-raising problems. Their new waterproof root touch up is the quintessential addition…..

Kelly Clarkson is LOVING this!

Get a beautiful start this Spring With Façade from FACE atelier Imagine doing your makeup in the morning, and being able to use the same item for multiple uses! FACE atelier has…..

No-Heat Hair Tricks for Perfect Curls

No-Heat Hair Tricks for Perfect Curls While all natural hair types are beautiful, we always want what we don’t have. Women with ringlets wish they had straight hair, and those…..


Mouthwatchers Spring is on its way so make sure you are smiling big when the sun comes out! Help yourself to a healthy smile with Mouthwatchers! Protect those pearly whites…..

True Natural- Various Benecos

True Natural- Various Benecos True Natural’s Benecos cosmetic line is an organic makeup brand your face will absolutely love! Safe, long lasting and affordable, True Natural offers brilliant lipstick shades, matte Mineral…..


When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? Dirty brushes can be abrasive, cause acne skin irritation and even acne. Keep your brushes clean, soft and germ-free with BUMP…..

True Natural Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a spring beauty tip that should never be neglected. True Natural allows you to relish in the sun without worrying about harmful UV rays. Add their line of sunscreens…..