Top shopping apps for Black friday

With Black friday only days away take on holiday shopping with these top shopping apps to help you save money, and help keep your sanity about you this holiday shopping…..

London CFE new pioneers recipients 2014

London is home to some of the top fashion talent in the world and London’s Centre for Fashion Enterprise, a fashion business incubator is helping to build the next generation…..

BFC fashion fund winners 2014

Founded in 2011 the BFC (British fashion council) fashion trust offers mentoring and financial support to British designers. Some of the members include Felicia Brocklebank, Leon Max, Megha Mittal, Natalie…..

Valentino moves couture show to Rome

Many designers are breaking the routine of how they show thier collections. Valentino aka Valentino red the Italian  fashion designer and founder of the Valentino SpA brand and company known…..

Mapic Awards 2014

Mapic Awards Created in 1996, its a competition that rewards excellence, innovation and creativity in the retail real estate industry. For the 19th year running, the MAPIC Awards will recognise…..

Plus size Eloquii at Nordstorm

Plus size brand Eloquii comes to Nordstorm it is a privately owned online retailer offering women’s plus-size clothing and accessories that part of the Limited brand started in 2011. It…..