Mama Afrika

“MAMA AFRICA” Meet African model on the rise Sarah Nyalok Simon Rebel Behavior streetwear by    Refugees under International law, are individuals who seek refuge in a foreign country,…..

Spitfire of Bravo’s REAL ESTATE WARS

Known as a well-respected spitfire in the real estate world, Drew D’Angelo helps lead the charge in the ultimate turf battle of the O.C. on Bravo’s newest reality series REAL ESTATE WARS…..

Net Zero Is The New Black (Not Orange)

The zero waste fashion industry is still relatively underexplored and achieved, even considering that approximately 15 million tons of used textile waste is generated each year in the U.S. In…..

Shiva Safai and her “House of Hadid” Empire

Dubbed as one of Harper’s Bazaar’s “Best Dressed of 2016,” the strikingly beautiful Shiva Safai, engaged to mogul real estate developer Mohamed Hadid, is poised to take up the mantle as matriarch of…..