Summer Floral Trends for 2017

Summer’s in full swing and that means outdoor entertaining is, too. With access to over 25,000 designs from thousands of florists, BloomNation has identified the top six trends for outdoor floral entertaining…..

Animalistic Tattoos by Joanna Swirska

Animalistic Tattoos by Joanna Swirska Wrocław-based tattoo artist Joanna Swirska inks depictions of animals tinged with psychedelic splashes of color. Her most common subject is the humble feline which seems to make an…..

We have a new tool for you

Try Aqua’s new tool: Simon Says compose With our new app you can compose your own wall or ceiling with the Simon Says lamps.

The Most Devastating Threat to Ocean Life is being Solved by Underwear

They call it “bycatch”.  It’s what careless crews call innocent sea creatures caught in their discarded fishing nets. Bycatch kills nearly 1000 species of marine life every day. No seriously…1000. Every. Single. Day. That’s means whales, dolphins, sea turtles. Our friends……

Bill Viola: A Retrospective

Bill Viola: A Retrospective • Dates: June 30 to November 9, 2017 • Curator: Lucía Agirre • Sponsored by Iberdrola The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao presents Bill Viola: A Retrospective, a…..

Tribute to #NoDAPL – Wata Protector

We’re not Indians and we’re not Native Americans. We’re older than both concepts. We’re the people, we’re the human beings.” – John Trudell WATA PROTECTOR – Collaborating with the choreographer…..

Astel Lighting

ASTEL LIGHTING brand name was launched in 2009 as the result of very well accepted marine lighting products fitted in luxury yachts. At ASTEL LIGHTING we produce innovative and high quality LED lighting solutions…..

upcycled electronics-inspired jewelry and accessories

 Introducing Circuit Breaker Labs’ handcrafted science-inspired jewelry and accessories made from upcycled broken electronics designed to adorn, educate, and empower! Circuit Breaker Labs’ jewelry and accessories are made by hand…..

Artist Keith Kattner’s Artwork

Keith Kattner “Seasonal Drift” CHELSEA On View – May 31 thru August 15th Gray Krauss Sandler Des Rochers & Gigantic Studio 207 W 25th St #600 Art Curated by Click Model…..

Mattel’s New Man-Bun Ken Doll

A few days ago, toy company Mattel introduced a new cast of 15 Ken dolls as part of its Barbie‘s Fashionista Collection—the makeover features seven new body types and eleven…..


MEFOTO:, the leader in innovative photography gear, takes tripods to a vibrant, portable level! The Air is great for photo-hobbiests and the SideKick is ideal for SmartPhone photo takers……

Cladwell: New Personal Styling App

“Wardrobe App Helps You Shop Your Current Closet” Cladwell, the iOs app that sends professionally styled outfit recommendations to your phone every day based on the clothes already in your closet and on…..


Supermodel and the most prominent openly transgender model of our time, ANDREJA PEJIC has hit another significant milestone. The supermodel lands two separate covers for the month of July; Harpers Bazaar Serbia and Glamour Spain……