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Two months after Chloe Capital made its first investment in Mi Padrino – an event planning platform for the Hispanic community – HBO has launched a new documentary, 15: A Quinceanera Story!

The series captures the festive spirit of this mainstay event in Latin culture when young women prepare to embrace adulthood.

Executive producer Tommy Mattola said a Quinceanera is “an empowerment for Latinas because it’s a rite of passage; it’s the most important day in their lives and their families’ lives.”

What we also learned from the documentary is how elaborate these events are, from the planning to the costs.

Mi Padrino is easy event planning for the Hispanic community.

Users create event pages, get deals from local vendors, invite “Padrinos” to contribute to fundraising campaigns and stay organized – all in one platform.

This of course begs the question: Who do we know at HBO? 

Mi Padrino founder Kim Gamez is coming off the heels of securing a partnership with Mattel to promote their new Quinceanera Barbie.

Help keep the fiesta going throughout 2018!

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