Chicago based Clothing Marketplace Launching Nationwide!

New Clothing Marketplace called
It’s this really fantastic marketplace where women can loan and rent their high-end clothing and accessories from each other.
I like to think of it as “Fashion meets Function”.
Designer deals for less?!
 Sign me up please!
What I love about the concept is that it gives every woman the opportunity to look and feel amazing whenever they want….you don’t need a special occasion or any rhyme or reason.
Headquartered in Chicago, they are soon expanding nationwide, and I would love to have you check it out.
Are you working on an upcoming fun photo-shoot and need amazing clothes, a makeover issues, etc, or just want to share the good news of Designer goods for the LOW to your readers?
DesignerShare has you covered!
Here’s how it works:
  • Anyone in Chicago area can list 
  • They decide the rental price, with items usually listing at a weekly rate of 10% of the original retail value
  • They receive 75% of the rental cost
  • Any fashion lover can sign up to rent
  • They’ll receive fabulous designer styles at a fraction of the price
  • They can request pieces for specific dates and rent by the week
  • They can wear the outfit as often as wanted before returning




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