London based Christian Stone founded his couture label ‘Mutant Artisanal’ after graduating Central St. Martins.

Its concept gravitates towards redefining the forgotten notion of haute couture and seeks to look into its future.

He is inspired by the dishevelled and transient nature of the world and creates artisanal couture clothing that is bizarrely new and functional.

CHRISTIAN STONE SS18 Mutant Artisanal
This is a contest entry for VFILES Runway 9: Designers
Christian Stone graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2017.
In his post graduation afterlife, he founded Mutant Artisanal, a clothing line gravitated towards men’s couture, with daring, experimental designs and all-hand crafted textiles.

Having the B-horror movie ‘Re-animator’ as the main reference, Mutant Artisanal is inspired by outdated technology and the notion of bringing the obsolete and the dead back to their second lives as brand new beings. It specifically creates clothings with the mood around artefacts which look partially old and familiar, but at the same time, bizarrely new and weirdly functional. They have been buried for a million years, but is now dug up from the ground. They appear as strange inventions that find themselves in creation by our ancient ancestors.
Each garment is a form of hybrid that resonates the hybrid nature of human’s every day objects and technology.

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