Circular economy gets in your pants

We believe in reusing, rethinking and recycling – of course we do, everyone should. We think everyone’s bum should get a share of circular economy.

We’ve all seen the photos of the vast islands of plastic waste floating in our beautiful oceans. It’s heartbreaking – not to mention very, very worrying.

However, it’s difficult to be concerned about the grand scheme of things if one’s got an itchy bum.

We should know: that’s how our whole business idea came about.

We, guys and girls at The Other Danish Guy™ from Finland, decided to make the world’s most comfortable underwear, so that people can focus on what really matters.

Not only that: we are also about to launch our new Ocean Discovery collection. Everything in it is made from regenerated nylon that originates from ocean plastic waste, such as discarded fishing nets.

The Ocean Discovery Collection is now available for pre-order on a crowdfunding site Indiegogo.


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