Cladwell: New Personal Styling App

“Wardrobe App Helps You Shop Your Current Closet”

Cladwell, the iOs app that sends professionally styled outfit recommendations to your phone every day based on the clothes already in your closet and on that day’s weather.
We’re the only fashion startup/app out there trying to get you to NOT buy clothing.
We help people live full, simple lives by helping them shop their closets so they can always look good without constantly buying more clothing.
“Love KonMarie?
Now There’s an App for Tidying Up Your Closet” 
Marie Kondo, the tidying goddess, is a big fan of Cladwell and they have partnered to together.
You could also take an angle on the KonMarie book/method.
KonMarie and Cladwell have teamed up to help you figure out what you love and get rid of the rest.
More here.

Check out Cladwell‘s app (here) and site (here).
Sign up via the web and use promo code 30outfits for a month-long free trial.
Cladwell is bucking fashion/tech industry trends.
There is a billion dollar fashion industry and a ton of fashion startups trying to get you to buy more clothing (StitchFix, TrunkClub, LeTote, etc.) but Cladwell is a non-partisan guide that helps you do more with what you already have and live a more minimal, simple and less consumable lifestyle.
(The WSJ just had a piece on how millennials are buying less, but fewer clothes that really backs this up.)
You pay them $7/month, and they give you custom daily outfit recommendations without trying to get you to buy more stuff you probably don’t need.
There’s literally no one in the fashion/tech world doing that.
(Here’s a video we made a few months ago taking a similar angle.)

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