Color Me Natural Photos by Cheryl Gorski

NaturTint is the first plant-based permanent hair coloring
(using a three-step process) without harsh chemicals that can irritate and damage your hair.
NaturTint is formulated without ammonia, parabens, silicones, paraffin, mineral oils, heavy metals, artificial fragrances, and SLS, or formaldehyde derivatives. Its gentle formula combines the effectiveness of a permanent hair dye and offers the hair silkiness and protection gained from active plant-based ingredients.
It covers gray hair completely, in just one application, and its patented formula provides maximum care and maximum color for healthier, more vital looking hair by combining natural activators that nourish your hair and highly concentrated micro-pigment dyes for rich, radiant color, allowing you to color your hair with care.

NaturTint, owned by Spain’s Laboratorios Phergal, and distributed throughout the United States by International Trade Routes, the exclusive U.S. distributor, since 1999 has garnered the number-one market share position within the health food segment in the United States with such leading retailers as Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Sunflower Farmers Market, and Henry’s/Sun Harvest, as well as online with retailers like

Since launching Naturtint in the U.S. in 1999, the line has continued to grow in popularity with consumers who want a healthier way to color their hair and are concerned about the potential adverse health effects of harsh chemicals and ammonia found in other hair color products,” said Brenda Boice, President and Founder of International Trade Routes. “Naturtintgives women salon-quality results and is healthier for the hair, body and environment.”

 “Naturtint gives women salon-quality results, and it’s healthier for the hair, body and environment.

Available in 29 mixable shades, Naturtint provides deep, vibrant, long-lasting color and can cover gray in one application.

Naturtint’s plant-based permanent hair color works by using a three-step process that first naturally opens the external cuticle layer of the hair, then penetrates the deepest layers of the hair shaft with its new color, and finally returns the cuticle to its original position, trapping the colorants inside the hair to ensure the new color won’t fade away.

Naturtint both deposits color, adding to the hair’s original shade, and extracts color, lightening hair up to two shades at a time.

Using advanced laboratory technologies and incorporating natural plant ingredients, Phergal created Naturtint, the first permanent ammonia- free hair color. While other mass-marketed hair color products use private-label manufacturers to produce their products, Phergal is a privately-owned family-run business that operates its own Research & Development laboratories and manufacturing plants.

Naturtint hair coloring quickly became popular around the world and has earned the trust and loyalty of customers in over 30 countries.

Naturtint is produced using strict GMP standards that ensure the quality of its ingredients and rigorous manufacturing methods, as well as compliance with the latest European Union Environmental Regulations.

Naturtint natural hair color is suitable for use by vegans, and Phergaldoes not do any testing on animals.

All packaging is eco-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable.

Phergal is committed to continuous improvements in hair coloring and hair care, and in 2004 the company created the Phergal International Technical Center, a research, development and applications lab for the production and testing of hair care products.

In addition, Phergal, in partnership with Institute EVIC FRANCE, established the Clear Institute, the first organization dedicated to advanced hair care technology.


Spring 2018 beauty trends are all about dewy soft skin with a pop of color. Whether it’s your brows eyes or lips, color washes and bold statements are in.

Mac’s Face and Body Foundation was used as a base to give the skin medium coverage and a soft glow. In areas where more coverage was needed Mac’s Studio Sculpt foundation was pressed onto the skin with a firm flat brush. Marrying foundation on the skin is the perfect way to keep your skin looking natural while allowing more coverage where needed. No one needs to wear foundation from forehead to neck!

Eyes were given a more editorial vibe with pastel yellows and oranges mixed with stippled texture. For the soft yellow and orange washes of color, Mac’s Chromolines were used with a fluffy brush to blend out the color and meld with the skin. To create more of an edgy/tribal look Mac’s Acrylic Paint in Black Black was used with a duo fiber brush and lightly tapped onto the skin.

Lips were kept on trend by using bright corals and primary colors for a hot runway look. Mac’s Impassioned lipstick was used to give the lips a bright coral pop. For the more daring side of spring/summer trends, Mac’s Lipmix in Marine Ultra was applied to the lips for a bold sexy blue lip.

Mallory Jay Stoos: Make up Specializing in- Editorial, Special effects, Color Correction, Beauty, Runway, Airbrush, HD/Media


Lizet is wearing a Butterfly necklace by Betsey Johnson from Macy’s.

All other vintage necklaces are from Moda in Buffalo, New York.

Savannah Saia is wearing jewelry from Betsey Johnson (all available at Macy’s), with all others (Vintage Gold Enamel Flower Choker, Vintage Italian Ivory Choker, Gold & Silver Sterling Choker) from Moda in Buffalo, New York.

Photographer: Cheryl Gorski

Makeup: Mallory Jay Stoos, Freelance Makeup Artist

Hair: Yasmein Abbulla

Models: Lizet, Savannah Saia



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