Concrete Jungle

Features Editor: Casssie Elsaesser
All Photography & Managing Editor: Cheryl Gorski
Stylists: Casssie Elsaesser & Cameron Richard
Makeup: Dani Weiser Guest
Hair Stylist: Whitney Curry
Prop Stylist: Todd Warfield, Lucy Mancuso, Michael Merisola
Executive Producer / Video Journalist: Richard Renda

Concrete Jungle
By :  Cassie Elsaesser

Music has always played a part in the world of fashion. From country to rap, indie to pop, music has always seemed to have an influence in trends we have seen come and go. Punk and ska music, in particular, have  made their marks in fashion starting predominately in the early 70’s. When thinking of  the early punk years we envision cut off leather , studs, combat boots, skin tight jeans, and mohawks. Ska, on the other hand, has a different feel, top hats, plaid, parachute pants and  printed T’s  all have a ska-inspired aura about them. This year we have seen designers take ques from the early punk and ska styles, and its all in the details.

This trend can be worn by anyone and you don’t necessarily have to be “young and angsty” to rock the punk or ska look, adding details of these styles into you ensemble can add a fun edginess to your look. Many designers have embraced punk and ska-inspired accoutrements and are sending their outfits down the runway with a rocker edge. Bespoken used ska inspired top hats to finish off his menswear looks, which added a fun and funky detail to his suit coats and trouser pants. Graeme Armour took parachute pants to a whole new level of fun and creativity by pairing these pants with cropped shirts.

Victoria Beckham had a different approach on the parachute pant by using a monochromatic ensemble adding polish and sophistication to this look. Studded details are a great way to pull this trend off without going too over the top with it. Adding a small studded belt to a royal blue or mustard sweater can give your simple sweater a bit of an edge. Top hats for men can add fun and funk to your ensemble whether wearing a suit coat or just a plain v-neck, this trend adds a pop of style. Parachute pants can be playful but polished at the same time, it all depends on how you wear them. Adding a fun printed t-shirt can add spunk to this look, however, these pants can easily be dressed up with a suit coat or button up shirt. Leather jackets are also a great and stylish way to rock this trend for fall. Leather jackets are being seen on the runways  paired with anything and everything, from pant suits to party dresses leather jackets are an extremely versatile and key accessory. However you choose to wear this trend for fall have fun and rock on.




Model: Marlee Francis wearing: Jeans, blue & yellow sweater, with studded belt provided by Anna Grace.  White “DB” tank from Splash Panic & leather jacket from Half and Half .  Shoes, parachute pants and printed “mucho macho” t-shirt thrift.

Model: Jeremy Guarino wearing:  V-neck shirt & sunglasses provided by Splash Panic. Tank top and blue jacket from Positive Approach, Derby Hat made by The Custom Hatter Gary White.

Location in Buffalo, NY on Grant St between Lafayette & West Delevan. Mural by John Caligieri, alumni from Buffalo Academy for Visual & Performing Arts. We were lucky to have some little helpers that were on the scene watching, that helped me hold down my strobes on that windy night.

Dajour Austin “dj” kid in the black hat making the funny face Dumadi Gbaraba little girl giving the peace sign Mya Vannook little girl in a pink jacket, and Christian Cruz  in the group photo. Keep Up Dated with Spring Summer 2011 preview with Totally Cool Broadcast by Richard Renda on You Tube.

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