The Cool New Accessory that just Hit the Market

Brappz has just launched as a brand new accessory category with their unlimited-use silicone strap and hook.

The top quality, versatile concept targets women as a flirty replacement to the classic bra strap…and beyond!

After standing in the fitting room, trying on dozens of tops without success in camouflaging pesky bra straps, Brappz Swiss co-founders Barbara and Selene made it their mission to create an alternate to the traditional bra strap that serves as a vibrant, customizable fashion statement.

Brappz will replace the unwanted visible bra strap with an accessory that doesn’t feel or look like undergarments.

Made with German silicone, each strap is soft and comfortable without digging into the skin and has a myriad of uses beyond bra straps.


There’s no overstating how versatile Brappz can be. In just one product, the strap can be used for tops, shoelaces, bracelets or a necklace.

With the ability to dress an ensemble up or down, Brappz encompasses every style with neons, metallics and a kaleidoscope of hues.

“We are not just solving a problem. Above all, we want to give women confidence and freedom. That is why we put our passion and energy as well as our own funds into this project,” says Brappz co-founder Barbara Traulsen.



Brappz conquers so many categories in the fashion accessory realm. On campus, at the gym, on the beach or traveling the globe, Brappz makes the perfect companion.

The multi-use strap comes in a wide array of colors to show school spirit in your team’s signature look or coordinate with your favorite bikini bottom.

Completely customizable, Brappz is the latest accessory to storm the fashion accessory market.

Appealing to both men and women, the strap and hook combination can be worn as a bracelet, shoelace, hair tie, necklace and so much more.




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