Designers & Their New York Fashion Week Debut

This February 10th, ten designers will show at New York Fashion Week for the first time in partnership with Oxford Fashion Studio at Studio 450 near Hudson Yards.
The lineup:
3pm – Colour
5pm – Rachel Pollack, TaDazzleMe, Shabeeg, Mirochoa, B. Zarina
7pm – Tone Fitness Apparel, Annie’s Creations, Coco & Ilia, Nannerwave
Each designer is bringing their individual vision to the NYFW catwalk whether they call New York, South Africa, or Australia home.


Bio: Colour is a ready to wear label that offers Afrocentric inspired bespoke Power suits to all women. Colour celebrates the colourful world we live in and the diversity we get to enjoy. Inspired by the rainbow nation that Nelson Mandela was passionate about, Colour, a South African clothing brand thrives to inspire diversity and it’s beauty through the aesthetic of its magical suits, which make a woman feel powerful, bold and confident with who they are and how they look. Colour celebrates all women.

Inspiration: The POWER Suit

Rachel Pollak

Bio: From Overland Park, Kansas, Rachel is the womenswear designer for Rachel Pollak Designs who loves designing classic and modern fashion. The designs appeal to a woman who is strong, sophisticated, and feminine, who loves mixing colors, patterns and textures to create a wearable statement. During NYFW 2018, she will be showing her Autumn/Winter 2018 Couture Collection with Oxford Fashion Studio. It is inspired by one of her winning designs from the “Make It Yours Challenge” with KC Fashion Week, KC Fashion Council, and Oak Park Mall.

Inspiration: Uptown Goddess


Bio: Timi Snortona is bringing her glamorous couture shoe designs from California to NYFW. Her high-end fashion shoe boutique is a multi-generation family owned business with the goal to provide each woman with an empowering asset to her outfit fit exactly to her style specifications.

Inspiration: Strong, Glamorous Women


Bio: Shabeeg’s dedication to present the Armenian Heritage universally using t-shirts and it’s brand as a medium is aiming to help Armenians all over the world to not only represent, but, help become ambassadors to the fauna, flora and history of our historical culture and rich history.

Inspiration: Armenian Collection


 Bio: MIROCHOA delivers the differentiated value by making modern reinterpretation of classical beauty and adding functionality here. Based on a contemporary theme that constantly reflects the changing life pattern of contemporary people it maximizes the functionality and focusses on the good design in the inherent role of the bag itself.

Inspiration: Design with functionality

B. Zarina

Bio: Founded in 2015, B. Zarina is the lifetime vision of two sisters: Founders, Shazia and Kulsoom. After years of designing Hijabs and Streetwear, Shazia and Kulsoom decided to pursue their dream of launching a design house that caters to the modern modest woman. B. Zarina sets out to redefine the modest clothing category by offering high quality, on-trend clothing at contemporary price points.  At B. Zarina we feel that modesty goes beyond just dressing for religious purposes and dressing modestly doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style.  We seek to provide you with effortless stylish pieces that will help you present your best image to the world.
Inspiration: Embellished Modesty

Tone Fitness Apparel

Bio: She started this brand at just 18 years of age in 2014. With an expanding team, our collections have been carefully designed by our color consultant and fashion design team, whose mission is to give the confidence, comfort and versatility you need to push yourself to reach goals you may not have seen to be possible. We create looks without limitations. TFA fits into all areas of your life, from exercising to meeting friends, you will do it in style and comfort. We believe healthier ways equal happier days and can’t wait for you to wear energy with us!
Inspiration: Awareness

Annie’s Creations

Bio: Australia is a multicultural country. We are based in Melbourne which is a great place to explore with variety of overseas art and designs via communication, internet sourcing & exhibitions. Especially historical Chinese art, Australia’s and African aboriginal and European art from ancient time to present. As an artist and designer I amazed by the great artists and felt their passion, from the colors, lines and shapes on their artworks, from time to time, it is honor that I have plenty of opportunities to meet the art elements and look into them, then spark them into my own art.

Inspiration: Colors in Life

Coco & Ilia

Bio: Cortney Sims and Ilia Siegwald met during their freshman year at Stephens College in 2012 during a Life Drawing class. Cortney claims that Ilia refused to give her extra paper and Ilia complimented her on her phone case. It was a match made in heaven. Fast forward three years, they realized during their senior capstone classes that they had similar design styles and a dissatisfaction with the fashion industry and it’s rules and exclusivity. This realization gave them the idea for Coco and Ilia: a brand designed to give confidence and empowerment to all women.

Inspiration: Sweet Tooth


Bio: Hye Seon Jeon is a Menswear Fashion Designer based in New York. Her initial motivation to get an education in art was her interest in drawing and painting, and she graduated Parsons The New School BFA program for majoring Fashion Design in 2017. A common theme across her whole collections are focused on rediscovery and message. Hye Seon believes in the functionality of clothing, although her work often tweaks its meaning through materials and shapes. Indeed, she also has a faith in her mission for spreading ‘positive influence,’ which explains the brand name ‘Nannerwave.’ Nannerwave is a combined word of the designer’s nickname ‘Nanner/Nance’ and the term ‘wave’ stands for a cultural influence or a trend. Because of her religious conviction and life philosophy, she has been trying to provide a message of ‘hope’ through her clothing and visual works.
Inspiration: R4SP


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