The Most Devastating Threat to Ocean Life is being Solved by Underwear

They call it “bycatch”. 

It’s what careless crews call innocent sea creatures caught in their discarded fishing nets. Bycatch kills nearly 1000 species of marine life every day. No seriously…1000. Every. Single. Day. That’s means whales, dolphins, sea turtles. Our friends.

About the Underwear.

There’s a group of friends who are getting eradicating bycatch once and for all through their company’s conservational aspirations.They call themselves “The Other Danish Guys.” They’ve pledged to start ‘unpolluting” the ocean with a revolutionary new underwear made almost ENTIRELY out of recycled fishing nets from the ocean.

You read that right.Threads from this underwear are made from recycled fabrics from old discarded fishing nets.That way they won’t threaten marine life anymore.

Stingray Set

Blue Tang Set

Parrotfish Set

Hammerhead Twinpack Set

Peacock Cichlid Set 

See how this Finnish underwear company is saving marine life, one pair at a time.

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