Dita Enikova Avoiding the Void

Live in Riga, Latvia. Graduated Riga Design and Art school, Textile department.
Now studying in Art Academy of Latvia, fashion design department.
I like to experiment with different materials and techniques.
In my designs i’m trying to break the boundaries between wearable and unwearable fashion.

The collection captures some major features of the Northern identity.

Inner emotions lead the direction of movement, their interactions will create features of deconstruction translated into visual aesthetics.
The idea of the collection is about finding a way to display the diversity and unrestricted use of clothing: It is an experiment with fabric to combine historical and contemporary elements, therefore some pieces may include sculptural properties.

Inspiration and references of the collection come from the traditional fisherman’s work clothes and modern contemporary art.

Photo by Krisjanis Mezulis
Model Mille (Moon MM)


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