Dorfman Pacific Presents Mosquitos Facts That Will Make You Want a No Fly Zone Hat ASAP

Mosquitoes are much more than a nuisance. In addition to their annoying swarming and painful bites, mosquitoes can carry dangerous diseases, including West Nile virus, yellow fever and other life-threatening illnesses. taking steps to avoid mosquitoes can be vital to properly enjoy the outdoors.

As if you needed more reasons to avoid these mosquitos, the facts below should solidify even Mosquitos are active at any given time during the day

  • According to, there are about 175 different species of mosquitos in the US and they all flourish at different times of the day. Meaning, at anygiven time, there’s a species of mosquitos active and ready to bite (and possibly spread a disease!).

A mosquito can drink up to three times its weight in blood

  • Don’t worry too much though, according to it would take about 1.2 million bites to drain all of your blood.


Mosquitoes are considered the deadliest “animal” in the world

If you drink beer, exhale more than average, wear dark colors or have type O blood, you’re a bigger target for mosquito bites

It’s a no brainer to protect yourself from the threats of mosquitos. But mosquito spray has to be reapplied and has been theorized to seep into your bloodstream.

So what happens when you can’t rely on that? Dorfman-Pacific has the answer!

They have created their very own hat that repels mosquitos, ants, ticks, chiggers, flies and midges.

Their hats are odorless and repels and protects you from these disease-carrying insects. It’s been recognized as the most efficient fabric treatment process and is even approved and recommended by the CDC and WHO.

About Dorfman Pacific

Dorfman Pacific prides itself in being one of the largest full-line, in-stock headwear and handbag companies in the world. Our company began in 1921 as Dorfman Hat & Cap Company in a 5,000 square foot facility in Oakland, California. We recently celebrated our 90th year in business at our 275,000 sqft facility in Stockton, California.

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