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Gap has teamed up with celebrity trainer Jonny Roxx and celebrity choreographer Tanisha Scott to create ‘Make Your Move’, a celebration of the GapFit spring and summer collections, including the launch of GapFit Sculpt.
Together they bring GapFit to life through motion and music in a content series, including videos and GIFS.
GapFit was designed to provide comfort and style, making it easy to head from the studio to street, which is perfect for the lifestyles of Jonny and Tanisha.

Gap Launches ‘Make Your Move’ Celebrating GapFit

Celebrity trainer Jonny Roxx and celebrity choreographer Tanisha Scott star in Content Series

GapFit is a full range of activewear for women and men created with the optimal combination of style, technical innovation and comfort.

The collection includes ingenious elements, such as Breathe fabric and Aero Mesh.

GapFit not only looks good, it feels good. In his video, Jonny wears the Breathe Muscle Tank, 2-in-1 Core Trainer Shorts and Revolution Running Tights while Tanisha debuts the GapFit Sculpt Compression gFast High Rise Leggings and Capris in her video.

Launching this month, Sculpt is a range of compression shorts and tights designed for high intensity workouts.

GapFit Sculpt utilizes blackout technology to shape and support, creating an instant body reboot.

Jonny and Tanisha met on tour with Drake and hit it off immediately, both working in tandem to shape Drake’s body and stage presence. Both have just come off of Drake’s latest tour, which ended in late March.

Looking back, Jonny remembers when he and Drake first connected on fitness. “He was recording at a studio right next to the gym I was working out at. Crazy enough we saw each other in the parking lot and ever since then we’ve been chipping away.”

Drake likes basketball and loves sports, and his movements replicate a lot of basketball moves” said Tanisha, giving insight on how she works with Drake. “I create his dance moves around these motions that come naturally.”

Jonny created a full body workout for GapFit, consisting of four key moves: tricep pushups, planks, squats and his favorite move the burpee.

For each move, he gives tips on form and which muscles to emphasize.

In two tutorial videos Tanisha demonstrates two dance moves she custom-made for GapFit: ‘The XO’ and ‘The Side-Step Stomp’.


Jonny, who is credited with getting Drake ripped, is not only his trainer but also a close friend, having grown up together in their hometown of Toronto.

His other clients include Brandon Jennings, of the Washington Wizards, Amir Johnson, of the Boston Celtics, and British Formula One racing driver Louis Hamilton.

Tanisha choreographed and starred alongside Drake in the video for his hit “Hotline Bling” and has worked with Rihanna, Beyoncé’, Drake, Jay Z, Alicia Keys, Aaliyah, MIA, Nas to name a few.

 She has choreographed many music videos including Beyoncé’s “Upgrade U”, Rihanna’s “We Found Love” and “Rude Boy”.

Jonny Tutorials 


Tanisha Tutorial + Social Cutdowns




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