Drift on Island Exploits Island-Inspired Couture

 Drift on Island Exploits Island-Inspired Couture

Fashion Line Designs Apparel Based on Tropical Influences


Drift on Island is a womens fashion line that has studios based out of both Boca Grande, FL and Cape Cod, MA.
The island enthused clothing line is sold exclusively online and prices for the designs and accessories range from $30 – $1,128. All products are made in America.

Drift on Islands line can be broken down into two categories:

Drift Couture and Drift Ready-to-Wear.

Each design is handmade and finely detailed so no two items look alike.

Drift Ready to Wear is designed to wear on any occasion.

Every item is made with unconventional material for the fashion-conscious, luxury client.

Founder Roberta Hurlburt states: “Experience Drift Couture—a Drift on Island collection that is unique. Every design is handmade, and are finely detailed, made with unconventional material for that fashion conscious, luxury client looking to stand out on their island getaway.

About Drift On Island:

Drift On Island started in 8 x 14 ft. laundry room.

President and head designer, Roberta Hurlburt speaks on the brand: “Drift On Island is not only a fashion company, it’s a philosophy, and a way of life. It’s about appreciating the resources we have around us and taking nothing for granted. Every garment is made with love in the United States, with positive vibes. We take inspiration from the nature that is all around us as we have studios in Boca Grande, FL and Cape Cod, MA.”


Please visit https://www.driftonisland.com/ for more.


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