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This was released exclusively at Walmarts on July 31st, 2017 !!!

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Dwelling, is a paranormal horror film about a young woman, Ellie (Erin Marie Hogan), who deliberately buys a haunted house in attempt to make contact with the spirit world.

In an effort to communicate with her deceased mother, the young woman and her fiancé (Mu-Shaka Benson), along with her niece, move into an old haunted house.

Driven by a horrific experience in her past involving her sister, River (Devanny Pinn), Ellie is willing to put herself and family at risk to seek the truth.

In doing so, Ellie releases a malevolent and terrifying soul from deep within the dark confines of the house that is more than she could ever imagine.

Something Dwells in the house called Amara

and it wants to get out !!!

With each passing day the threat to the family becomes increasingly significant as the entity tries to collect the niece’s soul.

In the end, the young woman must decide whether to let go of her past, or her future….

Mark your calendars!

 Dwelling will be sold on DVD in Major Retail Stores Summer 2017!

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Written and Directed by

Kyle Mecca

Produced  by

Brandyn T. Williams and Arlynn Knauff

Erin Marie Hogan Mu-Shaka Benson Devanny Pinn

Abigail Mary Bill Brown Josie DiVincenzo Makenzy Glover
Al Baker (Kreepie From Terror Technologies )

Director of Photography


Art Director


Original Score Written and Composed by

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