An easier way to cheat your diet! Check these out

I’d love to introduce you to Shoe Bakery!
Finally all the frosting and sprinkles you can desire without an ounce of guilt 😉
Shoe Bakery is a unique line of women’s shoes, handbags, and accessoriesthat is perfect and colorful for back to school.
An Easier Way to Cheat Your Diet

Making life a little sweeter and indulging that ‘sweet tooth’ doesn’t have to always be about the calories!

Especially during the autumn heat, sometimes it’s just about life being a little sweeter and more colorful.

This season you have permission to indulge those cravings without feeling guilty! With Shoe Bakery, the sweet treat for your feet, you can have fun in the sun too with these eye-catching treats!

Mixing his love of art, shoes, and style and his passion for sweets; Founder Chris Campbell created Shoe Bakery!

Along with the help of his wife in turning women’s shoes into something truly mouth-watering, this husband and wife duo shows no signs of slowing down their confectionery collections.

Plus, what’s unique about these ‘sweets for your feet’ is the hands-on approach, From concept to final product, so they are as sweet and unique as possible, the amount of intricacies put into each item reflect the artistry and passion behind them.

 Every woman deserves to feel special, and not have the same shoes that someone else does.”

-Chris Campbell, Founder and Designer, otherwise known as ‘Baker’

Check out these summertime must haves:

Jimmie Sprinkle Flats Collection – Retail $70

  • Dripping with icing and multicolored sprinkles in Pink, Mint, White, or Chocolate you can be sure to stick out from the crowd this summer!

 Sprinkle Tote Collection – Retail $110

  • Artwork originally done on canvas, features White, Pink, or Chocolate icing with long sprinkles on a cake or doughnut.
  • 15 X 11 X 5 frame
  • Satin interior lining, two interior pockets, one exterior pocket for easy access, and genuine leather piping make this tote solid in construction.
  • With accents and Shoe Bakery logo in gold this item is mouth-watering delicious!

 Sprinkle Mini Tote Collection – Retail $55 *Coming soon!

  • Same artwork and features as the original Sprinkle Tote
  • 11″ x 3.5″ x 7″ frame

From cupcakes and ice cream, to donuts and cinnamon buns, these deliciously themed collections are the newest craze for brides and bakers around the world.

Along with shoes, the Shoe Bakery’s Tasty Tote Bags pair nicely with these treats. Ultimate eye candy, solid in construction and even FAT FREE!

 Life just keeps on getting sweeter.

For more information on Shoe Bakery, visit

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