ELECTRIC AVENUE photos by Cheryl Gorski

Influenced heavily by the fashion industry’s need to adapt to a sustainable frame of mind, Electric Avenue used vintage 70s to 80s clothing from Miss Josie’s Unique’s & Antiques and Lisa Mann’s Closet.

 As firm supporters of the fashion sustainability movement, Fashion Maniac hopes Electric Avenue will stimulate the usage of vintage clothing as a way to combat fashion’s lack of sustainability.

Due to the 70s and 80s influence on fashion, Fashion Maniac is urging consumers to tap into the wealth of clothing resources vintage stores all around the world posses.

Bringing life back into bygone clothing pieces genuinely stimulates an electric feeling; and to be quite frank, who doesn’t want to add a little more vivacity in their life?

Austin Velarde


Behind the scene

Photography by Cheryl Gorski

Styling by Alan and James Walaski-Miller of Miss Josie’s Uniques & Antiques

Hair by Hersha McKinney and Lashawn Adamson

Makeup by Nicole Rodriguez of Blush, Makeup & Hair

Casting by Austin Velarde


Vintage Pieces From Miss Josie’s Uniques & Antiques & Lisa Mann’s Closet

Stella Marina Collezione on Kellie

Gracia on Robin

Two Twin Style on Flora & Hannah

Miss Josie’s Vintage on Austin

Special Thanks:

Joe Galvin 

Micheline Michaelina

Chris Alfiero

Niagara Falls Police Department

Check Out:

Miss Josie’s Uniques & Antiques at 2824 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14217 or online at www.facebook.com/Miss-Josies-Antiques-170640232787/

Blush Makeup & Hair at 3670 Deleware Ave, Tonawanda, NY 14217 or online at www.blushmakeupandhair.com

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