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Beauty brand Endure Lash is an eco-friendly eye makeup remover cloth, delicate on both natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions. This product was developed by wife and mother, Nikki Huebner, as a worry-free way to remove makeup while creating zero waste.

May 10, 2017 – this date has a unique significance as it was the birth date of the founder’s daughter who was tragically killed in a car accident at just 18 months old.
5% of all proceeds from Endurelash are donated to the Chyler Nicole Huebner Memorial Fund to help families in need who have endured a similar tragedy.

About Us

I developed EndureLash™ organic cloths while looking for a simple way to cleanse and dry my expensive eyelash extensions.

Regular towels would snag and remove my eyelash extensions, or leave behind ugly white lint.

Using cotton rounds for removing eyeshadow and eyeliner would snag and shed the eyelash extension as well.

Because of the bacteria that make-up sponges harbor, I did not feel they were safe to use around my eyes.

After months of searching for a product that worked, and realizing that nothing like this was on the market, it came naturally to me to work on a solution.

I started working with local textile manufacturers to find the right fabric to specifically maintain my eyelash extensions.

During this process, and after speaking with other women who were looking for a product like this…the concept for EndureLash™ was born.

With EndureLash™ organic eyelash extension drying cloths, you can swim, shower, bathe, play sports, and have the confidence to dry your extensions with less snags, no lint, and better overall maintenance between monthly visits to the eyelash studio.

EndureLash™ drying cloths are organic and hypoallergenic, so they are safe to use around the sensitive eye area.

With EndureLash™ organic eyelash extension cleansing cloths, you will no longer need cotton rounds which can snag or shed into your extensions or have the need to use make-up sponges which harbor bacteria.

The EndureLash™ organic cleansing cloths allow you to safely remove your eyeshadow and eyeliner without hesitation.

They can be laundered in the mesh laundry bag provided and reused.

Now you can have the safest and most effective tool for maintaining your eyelash extension investment!

We are now discovering that people are loving our cloths, even WITHOUT EXTENSIONS!

Our customers love that they are organic, reusable, and save money on disposable make-up wipes and cotton rounds!

I’ve also received testimonials from customers who are using LASH GROWTH serums, and want to protect their own natural lashes as they are trying to grow them!

EndureLash™ is a better way to maintain your lashes!

We are proud to partner with New South Manufacturing of Raleigh, NC so we can make our products locally!

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