Expert’s Advice on Victoria’s Secret Hair


The highly-anticipated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show just around the corner, it is only a matter of time until we are all lusting after the long, full, and voluminous locks that the models will be rocking down the runway — so what’s their hair secret?
Extensions of course, and Los Angeles-based hair extension expert Violet Teriti would love to share her secrets to getting the biggest and most beautiful hair this holiday season.
Violet Teriti has dedicated her focus in hair extensions and the art of hair for over a decade. As the founder and creator of Chaviv Hair Extensions (, a one-of-a-kind elite, non-treated and long lasting natural hair product that has been worn by celebrities such as leading actress

Margot Robbie,


It-Girl Chiara Ferragni, and

Mexican bombshells Eiza Gonzalez and


Ana De La Reguera, seenon the world’s biggest red carpets including the Emmy’sGolden Globes and Oscars, and published in top publications such as VogueGlamourVanity Fair, and Elle.
Her secret is in the product itself, Chaviv Hair. Recognizing that there was a need in the hair extensions market for high quality hair that is also long lasting, Violet went to Russia to directly scout the best hair available there, and that is where Chaviv Hair was born.
Chaviv Hair is the most elite hair for all hair extensions artists to use. It is sourced from only the best Russian virgin hair.
The hair has not been color  treated, making it gorgeously silky and long lasting.
Violet exclusively uses the Micro beaded individual technique for her extensions clients, making the bond invisible to the naked eye and the flawless application ensures the most flexible and lightweight distribution.
The Chaviv Hair line is authentically the highest quality hair in the extensions market. Its natural shades ensure only the best blending color match for all clients and also delivering the most natural looking results
Chaviv Hair comes exclusively in 5-7 shades, including natural sun-kissed, ash blondes & gold blondes.
The hair, sold and available for application directly by Violet, comes in bulk ponytails, clip-ins, I-Tip and KeraTips, and it is reusable for a year.

Her passion for her craft has led her to work on everything from television shows to music videos to international hair shows establishing her as one of the preeminent hair extension experts in the world.
Violet is dedicated to making her technique of application a worldwide-accredited course where stylists can learn directly from her and use her products globally.


As an EXPERT extension artist, we would love to have you speak to Violet Teriti when discussing beauty features in your magazine and/or online.
  • How do you choose the right application technique for your desired results?
  • What is the difference between I-TIP, Microbeads, and Kera Tips?
  • What are Skin and Bead Wefts?
  • Which technique lasts the longest?
  • Which one is the least damaging?
  • Which one gives the biggest volume?
  •  For example:
  • Always comb any tangles out BEFORE washing your hair and make sure to only use shampoo and conditioner designed exclusively for hair extensions.
  • Sleep on a satin pillowcase so that you are able to move your head freely without causing breakage or loosening the extensions, and always tie your hair in one braid before going in chlorine or salt water.


  • PRODUCT DOs & DON’Ts: Avoid products containing alcohol as they are known to dull the shine of the hair nor oil as they will wear the hair down.
  • The best product to use is a light pomade to smooth down the edges or a light shine to keep the locks silky.
  • FAQ: How often should you get extensions?
  • How long does the hair itself last?
  • What is the best way to remove them?
  • What if you have naturally curly hair?



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