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in·di·vid·u·al (noun)

1. a single human being as distinct from a group, class, or family.
The #FreeFall saga continues…


Age: 21

Student by day, Rapper by night

Personal Mantra:
“Live and let live!”

Ideal Weekend:
Party on Friday & Saturday
Homework & Sleep on Sunday


Age: 22


Personal Mantra:
“I am who I am… Deal with it!”

Ideal Weekend:
Party on Friday & Saturday
Brunch & Sleep on Sunday


   Keep watching as these two worlds collide in a #FreeFall

Pull Off a Pullover

The Turtleneck Pullover is a twist on a fall/winter classic. Made using ever-durable neoprene, this crop turtleneck maintains its structure while still providing comfort.

(Pairs beautifully with the Twist Pants… Smirk)

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Fall Now


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